RFP - Mount Hope Cemetery 1912 Chapel Exterior Tower Repairs

Project No. 19052


The City of Rochester, Department of Environmental Services, Architectural Services division, is soliciting proposals for professional services from consultants having experience with masonry restoration and cast stone replacement in a historical preservationist setting, to provide architectural design and engineering, and construction administration for the Mt. Hope Cemetery 1912 Chapel Exterior Tower Repairs.

The historic 1912 Chapel was constructed about 1912 as a mortuary chapel, and its cast stone masonry units of the building’s tower such as window sills, jambs, band courses, stone louvers and other decorative elements are in need of repair and or replacement. The stone masonry veneer of the tower will also need investigation and repairs such as repointing, using an appropriate mortar mix. Consultant shall include performing as the lead role to advocate and receive permitting permission or documentation from any historical state and or local agencies such as SHPO, Preservation Board and any Neighborhood Association Groups.

The City has previously retained services of design firms to investigate and create Condition Survey reports and are available for the consultant’s information only; the consultant shall make an assessment of the masonry façade of the tower and design a program for repairs and or replacement. The consultant shall issue construction documents for public bidding which may include abatement.

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Pre-Proposal Meeting

A pre-proposal meeting for interested consultants was held a July 31, 2019 at Mount Hope Cemetery.

RFP Schedule and Delivery Information

Submit five (5) copies and one (1) electronic copy (USB or CD) of your proposal by 2 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23, 2019 to:

Martin Pettibone, R.A., Project Architect
City of Rochester
Department of Environmental Services
Bureau of Architecture and Engineering
Architectural Services
414 Andrews Street
Rochester, New York 14604


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If you have additional questions, please contact Project Architect Martin Pettibone by email or by phone at (585) 428-7352.