News Release - Statement by City Council and Mayor Warren Regarding Action on Climate Change

For Immediate Release:

Friday, September 27, 2019


Statement by City Council and Mayor Warren Regarding Action on Climate Change

Today, City Councilmember Mitch Gruber joined Mayor Lovely A. Warren and the Rochester Youth Climate Leaders in an organized walk out like those happening all over the globe, that support government action on climate change regulations. 


The Mayor and the City Council have issued the following statement:

In May 2017 the City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Climate Action Plan for the City of Rochester that was submitted by Mayor Warren. In doing so, we recognized its value as a vital tool to guide decisions for the health of our City, our greater region, and our constituents.


Climate change has begun to show significant impact in our region, through the erosion of the Lake Ontario shoreline, storm severity, and the increasing number of extreme heat days. 


This issue has engaged youth in our county, like the Rochester Youth Climate Leaders (RYCL), who have joined with other students around the globe to influence hopeful and significant change.  We are inspired by the way youth are making climate a priority, and we know that their commitment will help ensure that the City of Rochester is able to deliver on our Climate Action Plan. 


The RYCL has asked Monroe County to establish a Climate Action Plan Advisory Board so that our whole region can address climate change together. We are proud to stand with RYCL and look forward to working on climate change with youth leaders throughout Monroe County.




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