RFP - Port of Rochester - 4752 Lake Avenue (Marina Overlook)


With $27 million in recent public investment for the Port of Rochester, the City of Rochester is seeking proposals from qualified parties to purchase and undertake the private development of the City-owned property at 4752 Lake Avenue.  The 2.8 acre property is located in the heart of the Port of Rochester overlooking the Genesee River’s flow into Lake Ontario.  The site is adjacent to the recently constructed 84-slip state-of-the-art Port of Rochester Marina.  Other notable public investments recently undertaken in the Port of Rochester include construction of a riverfront promenade, reconstruction of North River Street, major improvements to the Port Terminal Building, and new pedestrian amenities. 

It is the City's intention to receive proposals that will lead to the sale of the property to a developer who presents the best use/development plan and demonstrates the financial capability to undertake their plan within a reasonable time-frame.  The City intends to select a development plan that will:Present the highest and best use for the site as well as the surrounding area;   

  • Present the highest and best use for the site as well as the surrounding area; 
  • Return the site to the tax roll and increase the City’s tax base; 
  • Present high quality design and visually enhance the adjacent streetscapes;  
  • Provide uses that relate to and activate the adjacent waterfront; 
  • Create permanent job opportunities for city residents; and, 
  • Encourage development in one of the City’s Opportunity Zones. 

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RFP Exhibits  

A.  Property Boundary Map 
B.  Port of Rochester & Charlotte Community Design Charrette Report 
C.  Charlotte Community Vision Plan 
D. Existing Environmental and Subsurface Conditions Report 
E.  Property Utility Location Map 
F.  Port Development SEQR Documents

G.  Marina District Zoning Code 
H.  Eligibility Requirements 
I.   Proposal Submission Cover Sheet 
J.  Sources and Uses Form 

Information/Question Session

 10:00am, Friday, December 13, 2019 
City Council Chambers, City Hall
30 Church Street, Rochester, NY 14614

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Submission Information and Deadline

A complete electronic copy of the proposal on flash drive plus ten(10) hard copies are to be submitted no later than 4:00pm on Friday, February 21, 2020 to:

City of Rochester, 30 Church Street, Room 005-A
Rochester, NY 14614

For Information/Questions 

For additional information, email Rick.Rynski@CityofRochester.gov