121-123 Reynolds Street Environmental Cleanup


The 121-123 Reynolds Street Site was formerly two separate parcels containing a single family house located on the southern portion of the Site and a former gasoline service station located on the northern portion of the Site. The City was awarded a Brownfield Cleanup Grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the cleanup of this Site.  In addition to the funding from the EPA, this project will also be funded by the City.  The Environmental Cleanup of the Site is tentatively scheduled for Summer 2020. 

121-123 Reynolds Street Site Map w. 2018 Aerial

History & Previous Studies 

The City acquired the parcels via foreclosure in 2008 and combined the parcels into a single parcel that is approximate 0.2 acres addressed as 121-123 Reynolds Street, Rochester, New York. The single family house has been demolished by the City. The Site is classified as residential vacant land and is relatively level and covered with low vegetation. In June 2011, petroleum-type contaminated soil was encountered during excavation of the basement foundation of a new residential house on the adjoining 125 Reynolds Street Parcel located south of the Site.  Historical information indicated that the northern portion of the Site was formerly used as a gasoline service station with multiple underground storage tanks, and an auto repair facility that included a “spray paint” operation. More information about previous environmental studies can be found below in the Further Information section. Previous environmental investigations by the City documented the presence of four abandoned underground storage tanks (USTs) which were decommissioned by removal in accordance with applicable regulations.   Sanborn Maps dated 1938 and 1950 and other City records indicate that these USTs were former gasoline and kerosene tanks.  The City completed limited source area soil removals around the former USTs and the excavated soil was transported and disposed off-site at a regulated landfill; however, the post-excavation soil sampling and subsequent test boring and monitoring well data indicates that petroleum contamination exceeding regulatory criteria is present in both soil and groundwater. The petroleum contamination extends beyond the limits of the UST source removal areas and trends in a southward direction.   In addition, fill material was encountered in soils at each of the nine test pit locations excavated on the Site. A sample of the fill on the northern portion of the Site in the area of the former gasoline station and auto repair facility contained Lead and Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds at concentrations exceeding regulatory criteria.  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) was notified of the contamination at the Site, and has assigned NYSDEC Spill #1103833 to the Site.  The Environmental Cleanup of the Site is tentatively scheduled for Summer 2020. 

Further Information

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