Highlights of the Public Market District

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Rochester's Public Market District is a  neighborhood unlike any other! It's a bustling hub of businesses in and around the eclectic, diverse Public Market. Rochester's City-run Public Market has served the community at its 280 North Union Street site since 1905, open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday year-round. Vendors occupy over 300 vending stalls on busiest Saturdays with a wide selection of local  produce; produce from around the country and world; meats and seafood; eggs and dairy products; ethnic delicacies; prepared and packaged foods; specialty items; general merchandise; and much more! The neighborhood surrounding the Public Market is home to hundreds of unique shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shop, breweries, distilleries, artist spaces, and more.

Below are some select highlighted businesses in and around the Rochester Public Market. Be sure to check them out on your next visit! 

Crocetti Cheese: Stop by and say hello to Crocetti Cheese at The Rochester Public Market, located outside at stalls 9 A and 11 A, for over 40 years! They have some the best prices at the market for cheese, olives, and pepperoni. With over 100 items to choose from, there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer a 5-year old XXX-sharp cheddar, something mild, sharp, hot, spicy, or smoked-- they've got you covered!  They feature over 100 items, including a variety of grated and shredded cheeses. They're at the Market year-round on Saturdays, as well as most Thursdays during the summer and fall months. 

Christy’s Kettle Corn: Christy’s Kettle Corn was started locally in 2002 and has been serving the Rochester community ever since. Find them weekly on Saturdays and Thursdays in the spring and summer serving up happiness in a bag at The Rochester Public Market. Don’t forget your fresh squeezed lemonade!  Call or text (585)313-8410 for more info and ordering details. 

Paula's Essentials: Paula Howard Essentials is a Custom Fragrance and Natural Body & Hair Care Products company, providing customers with the highest-grade natural products, fragrances, essential oils, and hand dipped incense. Conveniently located at the Rochester Public Market and @ 415 Thurston Rd in the 19th ward.  Place Orders by website @ www.paulahowardessentials.com  or Text at (585)737-9497. Paula Howard Essentials....."Essentials for the Soul."