City Council News Release - City Council President Statement regarding Daniel Prude's Death and Citywide Safety

For Immediate Release

Saturday, September 5, 2020


City Council President Statement regarding Daniel Prude’s Death and Citywide Safety


This week, the Rochester community has come together – to mourn the life of Daniel Prude, to seek answers regarding his death, and to hold the systems that failed Daniel accountable. My colleagues and I remain committed to bringing justice to Mr. Prude and his family.


Last night, many citizens gathered to exercise their constitutional right to protest. Know that I understand the anger, confusion, and betrayal felt by the community during this time. Although tensions are high, we must ensure everybody remains safe and peaceful while protesting. I condemn any violence inflicted upon protesters, bystanders, and officers alike. I am also urging that we not let these peaceful demonstrations be commandeered by violent agitators, as we must focus on drawing attention to the true issues at hand and continue forging a path to a safer, more equitable Rochester.



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