Fall 2020 Recreation Programs

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We love Fall most of all!

Fall breezes, Autumn leaves, apple orchards, pumpkin anything! Fall signifies that years end is approaching but also creates a new beginning for our youth and anyone who is a life-long learner. No matter where you come from or what your situation is, education — in any form — can completely change your world and broaden your horizons.  And like education, our R-Center programs and activities provide the tools and experiences to explore, enrich and expand horizons for you and your family. Whether it be dance, team sports, athletic opportunities, homework help or learning to be healthier—enclosed are a host of fun and educational options for everyone.

Mayor Lovely A. Warren

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R-Centers - Something for Everyone 
Throughout the school year, the City R-Centers offers a variety clubs, sports, dance and fitness, youth and adult enrichment programs that are the cornerstone to a healthier, more productive community.  Find the R-Center nearest you to participate in these programs for the whole family!

R-Center Learning Labs
Get help with remote school assignments and instruction Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-12 noon.  Open Recreation from 12 noon – 7 p.m.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be available.  See R-Guide for R-Center locations.

Great Leaps
A comprehensive intervention program for reading that is designed and proven to generate significant and lasting gains.  Lessons are for grades K-12.

A library of songs, videos and activities for K-12 online learning.  The songs and academic materials created by Flocabulary are based on a significant body research that confirms using music and rhyme as an effective strategy to increase student motivation.

The Circle
Trauma informed youth development group for preferred pronouns (she/hers/them/they/their) youth ages 8-18 regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.  For more information email: Ifeyinwa.Obieke@Cityofrochester.gov

The Council
Trauma informed youth development group for preferred pronouns (he/him/his/them/they/their) youth ages 8-18 regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. For more information email: Ifeyinwa.Obieke@Cityofrochester.gov

After School in the Park

The popular After School in the Park (ASIP) Program in Cobbs Hill Park provides an engaging and nurturing after-school environment for kids K-6.  The program provides great activities and benefits for youth and families including friendly and well-trained staff, fitness and arts activities, healthy snacks and homework help.  Cost is $100 per week for city youth; $85 per week for siblings.  Non-city residents should call for pricing and availability.  For more information call 428-9777 or email carmen.mayoliz@cityofrochester.gov.

Earth Explorers
A unique program that immerses youth into the remarkable natural environment. Activities range from outdoor adventures (such as nature hikes, field trips and snowshoeing) to gardening and cooking with the produce grown at R-Center gardens. Youth and families are also invited to take advantage of horticultural workshops, projects and events such as community gardening, nature tours and more. Call 428-6683 or email stephanie.benway@cityofrochester.gov for more information.

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK)
MBK focus is to improve the life outcomes for all youth of color by using existing evidence based and data-driven strategies to develop long-term, sustainable, strategic action plans. The initiative will target mentoring and support for the personal, academic and social successes of the youth in Rochester. Become a part of My Brother’s Keeper by contacting Ray Mayoliz at 428-7938. 

Pathways to Peace
Pathways to Peace is a street outreach team to safeguard the lives of Rochester’s youth. Contact Melvin Cross at 428-8822 to request street outreach in your local neighborhood or to refer a youth for support.

Youth Voice One Vision (YVOV)
YVOV, The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, is dedicated to connecting, training and advising Rochester’s youth leaders, city governance, adult advisors and community stakeholders. The goal is to establish a diverse membership of youth who can provide expertise in various fields and to inform and impact policies related to youth issues. YVOV is offered at selected R-Centers (see R-Guide). For more information email Tremain.Harris@CityofRochester.gov  

Want to learn to be a musician? Come learn to read and create music, and to play the violin, viola, cello or bass with students from all over the city. Elective classes available on Wednesdays in West African drumming, choir, conducting and recording technology. Opportunity to perform in concerts all over the city. Classes offered at Edgerton and Gantt R-Center for youth grades 1-12.  For more information call 428-9944. 

RISE (Reach Inside, Strive for Excellence)

A communitywide collaboration to promote healthy behaviors through hands on experiences. R.I.S.E offers a variety of positive development opportunities including health and nutrition, healthy relationship workshops, youth-friendly special events and youth leadership opportunities through wellness classes.  For more information, contact Atashia Walker, 428-1291 or via email at Atashia.walker@cityofrochester.gov  

YET (Youth Employment Readiness Training)
YET provides high school students to get the skills needed to successfully land a job by taking advantage of free, week-long employment readiness training. Trainings are open to currently enrolled students ages 14-20.  For more information and to enroll, call 428-6366.