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Anchors of Support and Stability

Mayor Warren in Prayer What is Faith in Action?

Faith in Action provides houses of worship and communities of conscience with an opportunity to work with City government its private partners to further their mission of service and leadership by implementing programs that meet the needs of Rochester's most vulnerable residents in the city's most challenged neighborhoods.

New:  Faith in Action Story Map

The Faith in Action Story Map is an interactive web platform that uses geographic information to tell the story of the City’s evolving collaboration with Rochester’s houses of worship. View the Story Map here>> 

Why Faith In Action is Needed?

As in many cities across America, Rochester’s churches and houses of worship continue to serve as longstanding anchors of support and stability in city neighborhoods. Faith leaders are eager to carry their mission beyond the four walls of their worship centers to deliver positive change in the lives of their neighbors. Working with City government aligns the passion of the faith community with the expertise of local leaders in a variety of sectors, including education and affordable housing.

Recognizing an Untapped Resource 

Rochester’s faith community represents an untapped resource of dedicated men and women who are always looking for new and innovative opportunities to improve lives and help citizens reach their full potential.

Upon taking office in 2014, Mayor Lovely A. Warren immediately recognized that her mission to provide more jobs, safer and more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational opportunities aligned perfectly with the goals of Rochester's houses of worship and other communities of conscience. The Mayor's Office of Constituent Services was charged with strengthening this important relationship, resulting in in meetings with pastors and faith leaders that have produced innovative programs including Books and Bears and Clergy on Patrol.

In 2018, this relationship was formalized as Faith in Action, which now has a growing suite of programs that are improving the lives of Rochester's citizens.

Faith in Action Programs

  • Faith in Action – Adopt a School: Helping students of the Rochester City School District who are experiencing a disproportionate impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more>>
  • Faith in Action - Housing and Neighborhood Development Opportunities: Working with developers to invest in neighborhoods. Learn more>>

Contact and Learn more

 To participate in Faith in Action or to learn more about contact Tracey Miller, Assistant to the Mayor, by email at or by phone at (585) 428-6684.