News Release - Mayor Warren Celebrates Passage of a Historic City Budget

City of Rochester

News Release

(Tuesday, June 15, 2021)—Mayor Warren issued the following statement regarding the passage of the 2021-22 City of Rochester Budget this evening:

“Let me be clear. The adopted City budget will protect taxpayers and build upon our success overcoming the pandemic to create more jobs, safer more vibrant neighborhoods and greater educational opportunities. It continues our work to create equity and fairness for all.

This budget keeps our tax levy flat. It reduces property taxes for homeowners and keeps taxes for business and commercial property owners lower than they were in 2019.

It sharpens the Rochester Police Department’s focus on fighting crime and violence, while reducing its budget by $4.5 million dollars.

And this budget also makes the necessary and critical investments to give all our residents a fighting chance at life.

It funds the creation of a civilian Public Safety Commissioner and fully funds the Police Accountability Board.

It includes a budget equity tool to ensure fairness.

It expands our Person-In-Crisis teams, our Victim’s Assistance Unit and creates an Office of Neighborhood Safety.

Creates more opportunities for home ownership by greenlining our neighborhoods with our new Buy the Block initiative.

Provides the RASE commission with a historic initial investment.

Provides job training, dignity and hope to those living on our streets.

In total, this is truly a historic budget that will deliver meaningful change throughout our city.

I am grateful to the City Councilmembers that supported it and stood up for our City and its families. They chose to put the needs of our community before their personal interests.

My thanks as well to our senior management team, to all of our employees for their efforts and leadership to make it possible. By working together, we got it done for Rochester’s residents.”