News Release - Joint Statement regarding Student Safety

City of Rochester/RCSD

News Release

Joint Statement from Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, RCSD Board President Van White, RCSD Board Vice President Cynthia Elliott, RCSD Superintendent Dr. Lesli Myers-Small, and East EPO Superintendent Shaun Nelms regarding Student Safety in Rochester City School District Schools:

“We had a productive discussion regarding the immediate and systemic actions necessary to ensure safety in Rochester’s schools and believe that should be our top priority. To that end, we agreed to the following:

1) Rochester Police Department providing a presence outside of the RCSD’s eleven (11) secondary schools during the arrival and departure of students for the rest of this week and the first half of next week at the City’s expense. The RCSD School Board will convene to consider authorizing and funding RPD presence for an additional three (3) weeks through Friday, November 19.

2) Prior to Friday, November 19, City and RCSD officials will continue to meet and develop a plan to utilize additional resources, including the City’s Pathways to Peace program, Person in Crisis Teams and Office of Neighborhood Safety among others, to provide near and mid-term support and services to students in crisis. This plan will be presented to both the Rochester City Council and the Rochester City School District for their consideration.

While we believe these actions will help address the immediate challenges facing RCSD’s students, teachers and staff, we also agree with many in the community that the systemic challenges of poverty, trauma and racism, among others, need to be ultimately addressed to ensure the long-term wellbeing of our students, teachers, staff and the entire community.

We will also explore how we can engage in a wider-ranging effort that is sustainable and gives our children the support they need to navigate life’s challenges.”