Chip Seal

The City of Rochester utilizes a low cost surface treatment known as “Chip Seal” to extend the life of local streets.

Chip sealing involves spreading a thin layer of clean, crushed stone over a thin layer of asphalt emulsion and seating the stone with a roller. This treatment slows the deterioration of the street surface by sealing out moisture, thereby protecting the asphalt pavement surface from freeze-thaw problems and base failures.

The City will also perform spot milling and resurfacing of deteriorated pavement, crack sealing, and other basic pavement maintenance treatments prior to the Chip Seal treatment.

Streets are chosen for the Chip Seal program based on a rotating basis of target areas, pavement condition, and avoiding conflicts with other planned work. Streets can be Chip Sealed several times before they require a most intensively and costly treatment.

On the day of the surface treatment for a given street, on-street parking will be prohibited and travel limited while crews are working. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please plan ahead to find alternative parking areas. Other Streets in your area may also be receiving a Chip Seal treatment on the same day.

After the treatment is applied, a 15 mile per hour speed limit will be in effect until City street sweepers can remove loose stone from the road surface. Please use caution and observe this speed limit.

Please see the map below for streets included in the 2022 Chip Seal Program.

If you live on an impacted street, you will receive a second notice on your door one day prior to the Chip seal application.  Please look for this notice.  

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please call the 311 Call Center.