Rochester Housing Stability Fund

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The Rochester Housing Stability Fund (RHSF) is a Housing Trust Fund that was designed to create inclusive opportunities for residents, stakeholders, and the Rochester community. The RHSF will work to improve housing stability by preventing displacement, promoting racial and economic equity, and supporting residents' ability to achieve their own housing goals.  

What is a Housing Trust Fund? HTFs are reserves of money set aside to support the preservation and production of affordable housing. They also increase opportunities for families and individuals to improve their housing stability in ways they feel are best for them. Housing Trust Funds typically have significant community control and allow more flexibility than many existing state and federal funds. 

The Rochester Housing Stability Fund and its Board will: 

  • Be Proactive | Learn from people closest to the issues. Create solutions that will launch quickly.   

  • Increase Housing Stability | Support the ability of households to find/remain in the home of their choice by reducing the conditions that lead to forced and pressured moves.   

  • Provide Flexible Support | The RHSF will support flexible programs to meet people where they are at – possibly trying to avoid a serious housing crisis or perhaps just needing a hand-up to get to the next level.   

  • Close Gaps in Coverage | Provide resources to households who might otherwise struggle to qualify for or access existing housing assistance.

We are seeking people passionate about housing equity to join our Board!  

The RHSF was created by building on community input and collaboration to make sure its programs work for people the way they need it the most. Continued community participation will keep the Board fresh and proactive as they work to meet changing needs and priorities of Rochester's residents.

Board Responsibilities:

  • Participation in meetings, most likely once a month, usually over Zoom.
  • Create an atmosphere that encourages sharing, creativity, and new ideas to solve old and new problems.
  • Decide on each year's programs and funding amounts.
  • Vote on the 'winners' of proposals for program funding.
  • Review and approve the annual public report of RHSF expenses and outcomes/results.
  • Advocate for financial support from a variety of areas, including local, State, and private sources.
  • Ongoing community engagement to inform RHSF priorities and activities.
  • Other duties as needed depending on the housing-related needs of the community being served and to align with the RHSFC mission.

 Apply to JOIN the RHSF board if you are:

  • A current resident of the City of Rochester or have close ties with the community AND
  • Over the age of 18 AND
  • Someone with 'lived experience' with housing insecurity or housing issues, including residents of public/low-income housing or Section 8 recipients OR
  • A community member with experience with housing issues or concerns or with close friends/family who has dealt with housing issues OR 
  • A current or recent employee of a housing provider or agency that provides health/housing/human services OR
  • A professional in a housing-related arena (real estate, banking, housing construction or finance, etc.) OR
  • A public representative (employee/elected local government official, a Rochester Housing Authority employee, etc.)

Board Selection Process:

  • Fill out the application form above or email to have an application mailed to you.
  • After reviewing your application, we will arrange a phone conversation to discuss your interests, availability, and possible role(s) for you on our Board.
  • If selected, you sign our Board Agreement & receive board member materials.
  • You attend the next Board meeting.

Have questions? Contact us.