Email Changes - Saturday March 11

For Staff Use Only

On Saturday, March 11th, we made mandated security improvements to the City’s email system.

These changes have impacted some email users.  This page contains instructions on how to re-connect in Outlook, the Outlook mobile app, and Webmail.

This page was updated on Monday March 13 at 9:15am with instructions on how to remove and add Outlook profiles 

Workaround solution if you're having trouble re-connecting to Outlook or the Outlook app:
The workaround is to use Webmail.  It works on phones and computers.  See the Webmail section below.

Outlook Application on City Computers

  • Following the change, you will be prompted to log in to Outlook.
  • Use your City email address to log in, instead of your network ID
  •, instead of 8185XX
  • It can take up to 15 minutes for Outlook to begin working again.

If you never get a login screen in Outlook, please follow these instructions:


  • On your PC, go to the Start Menu and search for "Control Panel"
  • In the Control Panel, search for "Mail"
  • Open Mail
  • Click on Show Profiles
  • Delete the existing profile by highlighting it and selecting Remove
  • Then select Add to create a new one
  • Enter a name – e.g. Outlook and click OK
  • Click Next on the Add Account screen 
  • Then click Finish



  • External access to webmail will move to MyApps: 
    • First, log in to My Apps using your City email address
      • Click the app icon for "Webmail"
    • Next, log in to Webmail using COR/network ID
    • This is a good way to access email on a phone if you're having trouble with the Outlook App 
  • Internal access to webmail will remain in place at  
    • Log in using COR/network ID
    • You can access webmail this way if your computer is connected to the network, either on-site, or by VPN such as Global Protect.

Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

  • The City only supports the Microsoft Outlook app.  
  • Other email apps are not supported and may stop working after this change.
  • If you're using another email app, you should switch to the Outlook app.
 Following the change, Outlook app users will need to remove and re-add their email account from within the app. 
The user experience for this can vary between users.  You may have to try multiple times to get this to work.  Please be persistent. 
  • Remove your email account from your device 
    • Open the Outlook app on your mobile device
    • Tap Inbox at the top left of the screen to open the menu
    • Tap the gear symbol at the bottom left of the screen to open settings
    • Tap your Exchange account under Mail Accounts
    • Scroll to the bottom, and tap Delete Account
    • Confirm delete.
  • Re-add your email account to your device 
    • After deleting your account from the app, you should be automatically prompted to Add Account. 
      • Enter your work email address
      • Follow the login path through Authenticator
    • If it does not automatically prompt you to re-add your account: 
      • Close and re-open the Outlook app on your mobile device.
      • Try adding your account again: 
        • Enter your City email address
        • Tap "Add Account".
        • Enter your password and tap "Sign in"
  • If that doesn’t work: 
    • Remove the Outlook App from your phone.  OK to “remove all data”
    • Re-start your phone.
    • Go to the app store, or Google Play, and re-install the Outlook App
    • Enter your email address, and tap “Sign In”
    • On the next screen, tap the question mark on the top right of the screen.
    • Choose “Change Account Provider”
    • Choose “Office 365”
    • Choose “Open Authenticator”
    • Follow the authentication process
    • If asked to add another account, choose “Maybe Later”
  • If none of that works:
    • Use the web browser on your phone to access webmail:
      • Go to MyApps:
      • Log in to My Apps using your City email address
      • Click the app icon for "Webmail"
      • Log in to Webmail using COR/network ID
In a jam?  The IT Help Desk will be available on Monday morning, at (585) 428-7587