RFP – R.P.R Services for the Humboldt Recreation Center Water Park Improvements Project

RFP – Professional Consultant (R.P.R) Services for the Humboldt Recreation Center Water Park Improvements Project No. 21308

The City is seeking the services of a Consultant to perform the following services to implement the Project. Respondent’s proposal shall address each of the following services and identified tasks. The proposal shall address each of the requested services, using the same identifying language, including any paragraph or section numbers or letters as used in the RFP.

Services will involve providing a qualified Project Representative & Construction Inspection staff for the duration of the project. Including but not limited to: providing a part time NICET level III or higher [or approved equivalent] Engineer‐in‐charge and NICET certified or equivalent inspection staff (if needed). This project contains American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) funds and certain Federal requirements apply.

The personnel would work under the supervision of a City project manager and perform technical duties associated with the project. These duties would include but are not limited to observation of the work, quality assurance & control, submission of daily construction reports & photographs; review of contractor invoices & change orders; and coordination between the design engineer(s), contractor, agencies having jurisdiction, utility companies, the general public and the City project manager. All other duties are as described in the Draft Professional Service Agreement for RPR Services included with this RFP.
This Project includes City M/WBE and Workforce Goals. Plans for both M/WBE Utilization and Workforce Staffing must be submitted by all Consultants who propose to perform the work in this RFP and approved by the City’s M/WBE Officer prior to an agreement being executed.

The scope of the project consists of (but is not limited to): improvements to the existing splash pad at the Humboldt Street Recreation Center. The work includes the construction of new water lines, spray features, utility vault, and landscaping; and replacement of splash pad hardscapes and electrical control systems. The improvements will significantly upgrade the park’s infrastructure and make future maintenance considerably easier.

The Project Representative (RPR) and their staff will need to closely coordinate and oversee (QA / QC) the work (including work by others) so that it conforms to the drawings and specifications accordingly.

Drawings & specifications are available for review on www.bidnetdirect.com or by request to the City.

RFP Schedule and Delivery Information

Proposals must be received digitally by the City no later than 5:00 PM Friday, March 17th, 2023.
Proposals shall be submitted in PDF version to:
Andrew Wojewodzic, Manager of Construction
andrew.wojewodzic@cityofrochester.gov : (585) 428-6523