Healthy Roc Grocer Program

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The Healthy ROC Grocer Program makes it easy for you to find stores conveniently located in your neighborhood or near your workplace to quickly fill your shopping basket with nutritious, wholesome foods that support well-being for you and your family.

Whether you're looking for a gallon of milk, traditional foods or ingredients, or a wholesome prepared meal, the information below will connect you to shopping options.

Look for the Healthy ROC Grocer logo to find a wealth of healthy options right in your backyard!

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999 Market SE 709 S Clinton Ave  
Abundance Food Co-op SE 571 South Ave  
Alba's Market NW 1687 Dewey Ave  
Alice's Market SE 1477 South Ave  
Bonga-Lo SW 480 W Main St  
Bottomline Wholesale NE 280 N Union St  
BSG Mini Mart NW 480 Dewey Ave  
Convenient Market and Deli NE 1430 N Clinton Ave  
D&L Tropical Groceries SW 1005 Genesee St  
Dybowski Authentic Polish Market NE 1325 Hudson Ave  
Empire Meats NW 1356 Lyell Ave  
Empire Meats SE 1337 N Goodman St  
Empire Meats SW 626 W Main St  
Gorkha Store SW 537 State St  
Grape and Orange Mini Market NW 111 Orange St  
Grocery Bazaar NW 639 Lake Ave  
Halal Market & Meats Inc. NE 311 E Ridge Rd  
Highland Market  SE 830 South Ave   
Homegrown and Handmade Market SE 986 Monroe Ave  
New Hikari SW 1667 Mt Hope Ave  
Olindo's Cash and Carry NW 1510 Lyell Ave  
Plymouth Express Deli SW 743 S Plymouth Ave  
Public Meat & Grocery  NE 600 Hudson Ave  
Skip's on the Ridge NW 640 W Ridge Rd  

If you are a grocer interested in finding out more about the program, go to