News Release – City Declared a StormReady Community

City of Rochester 

News Release

(Thursday, Feb. 8, 2024) – The City of Rochester has been officially designated a “StormReady” community by the National Weather Service. As a StormReady community, the City has demonstrated itself ready to handle hazardous weather by having a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center, multiple weather alert avenues, weather condition monitoring systems, a formal hazardous weather plan, and by promoting the importance of public readiness.

StormReady is a voluntary National Weather Service program that promotes weather hazard readiness and encourages communities to take proactive approaches to improving local hazardous weather operations. To foster continued growth, StormReady provides local emergency managers with guidelines on how to continue improvement.

The weather preparedness improvements and the City’s StormReady status come on the heels of the City’s appointment of Frederick Rion as its Director of Emergency Management. The position was created to anticipate and lessen the impact of emergencies by working in close collaboration with the City’s Fire, Police, and Emergency Communications Departments, Bureau of Communications, and others to coordinate disaster and emergency preparation and response in the City of Rochester.

“Rochester is no stranger to hazardous weather, and we’ve made significant strides to prepare ourselves for such events,” said Director Rion. “And with our partners at StormReady, we’ll continue expanding and improving our weather preparedness resources, making Rochester safer for all.”


The Administration of Mayor Malik D. Evans
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