News Release – Rochester to Become a Vision Zero City to Improve Roadway Safety

City of Rochester 

News Release

(Thursday, June 6, 2024) – Mayor Malik D. Evans was joined today by Rochester City Council members, officials from Monroe County, the Regional Transit Service (RTS), Reconnect Rochester, and Black Girls Do Bike to announce that the City of Rochester has become a Vision Zero city, working to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries among all road users while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility.

“I was here two years ago at this very same spot, pleading for safer driving in the city after a teenager was killed at a nearby intersection while riding his bike,” said Mayor Evans. “Now here we are again, dealing with another heartbreaking fatal collision that occurred at the very same intersection this past Monday. Both incidents were completely avoidable had someone chose to not drive recklessly. That’s why it’s urgent that we do everything we possibly can to address this problem and that’s why we are becoming a Vision Zero city.”

The City announced its preliminary 10-point Vision Zero priority action plan:

  1. Establish the ROC Vision Zero Task Force to obtain and provide input on street design and traffic safety policies.
  2. Identify Traffic Safety Champions who will engage and communicate with the community.
  3. Establish a Safe Speed Initiative: Implementing 25 MPH speed limit on city streets.
  4. Pedestrian Priority Zones: A Targeted Enhancement Initiative to inventory and identify sidewalks and intersections for safety and mobility improvements.
  5. Safe Crossings City Initiative: Enhancing Marked Crosswalks to develop location spacing standards at intersections, bus shelters and side streets.
  6. Create a Bicycle Spine Network: a 63-mile connected bicycle network to support biking corridors and priority intersections; 19 miles are currently in place.
  7. Winter Safe Streets: Enhanced Snow & Ice Removal Initiative to increase frequency of sidewalk and bus shelter clearing, evaluate opportunities for treatment on bike lanes.
  8. Automated Traffic Enforcement: Work with New York State to implement speed and red light camera deployment, with revenues dedicated to Vision Zero initiatives.
  9. Lake Avenue Enhanced – Advancing Multi-Modal Safety: Among other goals, create a rapid bus transit corridor to reduce collisions and enhance public transportation along this dangerous stretch of road.
  10. Vision Zero Report: To include key outcome and activity-based metrics.

"Vision Zero is a roadmap for the City to create a safer, more equitable transportation system,” said Rochester City Councilmember Mitch Gruber. “As we follow this plan and effectively engage the community, the City of Rochester will foster a culture of safety and responsibility on our streets.”

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