Council Vice President Adam McFadden, South District



Adam C. McFadden
City Council Vice President
South District
260 Marlborough Road
Rochester, NY 14619
(585) 428-7538 (Office)
Executive Director, Quad A For Kids
B.S. Claflin University 

Council Vice President Adam McFadden is committed to restoring the overall quality of life for the constituents of the South District in Rochester, NY.  A lifelong Rochester resident, McFadden has been a 19th Ward resident for more than 35 years. Having been nurtured, schooled, and employed in the district, Council Vice President McFadden is intimately familiar with the needs of this ethnically diverse community. Consisting of 55,000 constituents in several communities, the Southwest District includes: 19th Ward, SWAN, Cornhill, Upper Mount Hope, Lilac, Highland Park, South Wedge and Susan B. Anthony. A product of the Rochester City School District, McFadden attended Schools #37 and #41, Charlotte J.S.H.S and graduated from Edison Tech.

Council Vice President McFadden's professional background reflects a wide range of corporate and public service and highlights his commitment to a better Rochester. He currently is the Executive Director of Quad A for Kids, a not-for-profit agency dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty of children in Rochester. For eight years McFadden was the Comptroller for Sophitec Inc., a local software development firm. He was also employed as the Financial Analyst at Fleet Bank where he managed a $26 million annual budget.

He served as the 19th Ward Neighborhood president, where he represented 20,000 residents. As board member with the Sector 4 Community Development Corporation, Vice President McFadden financed women-and minority-owned businesses and promoted community business redevelopment. McFadden is a board member of the Rochester Children Zone and hosts a weekly radio show on 103.9 fm WDKX.

Council Vice President McFadden is the longest serving member of Council, he was first elected to the Council in November 2003. In 2018, Adam was chosen by his colleagues to serve as Vice President. In this role, he is a voting member on all Council Committees. Vice President McFadden also serves the Council as Chair of the Finance Committee.

Council Vice President McFadden's commitment to his community is reflected in his leadership on issues. He is the leader of the Community Policing Group; an advocate and architect of Rochester’s curfew program. Most recently, McFadden has lead efforts to educate the community on how to examine and advocate public policy, budget and infrastructure, race relations, education and health care issues. Vice President McFadden is a popular elected official who speaks for the voiceless in his community. He actively works media outlets to educate, inform and represent his constituents.

Council Vice President McFadden received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Claflin University, where he served on the SGA and organized students to fight for African American Studies at the University. He is currently pursuing a masters degree in Business.

McFadden is committed to breaking down barriers and building bridges. In so doing, he is committed to working with people of varied ethnic and religious backgrounds to realize his ultimate aim to ensure adequate representation for all Rochesterians. This passion is reflective in the legislation he sponsors. When McFadden served as the Chair of the Public Safety, Youth and Recreation Committee, he led the initiative to examine how the Rochester Police Department Civilian Review Board is run, and made the necessary improvements through legislation. In 2014, McFadden sponsored Ban the Box legislation, making it illegal in Rochester for businesses to ask on an application if someone has been convicted of a crime, and in 2017 sponsored legislation to ban housing discrimination based on the source of income.

Vice President McFadden served at the national level as the past President of the National League of Cities National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, an organization within the National League of Cities that educates, trains and cultivates black elected officials from all over the country.  

Adam and his children live in the City's 19th Ward.