Underground and Overhead Utilities

Who is Responsible?

Utility agencies are responsible for maintenance and repair of underground and overhead utilities for both state highways and city streets.

The following table summarizes utility agency responsibilities:

Service   Agency Responsible Telephone Number  
 Water  City of Rochester, Department of Environmental Services, Bureau of Water & Lighting  (585) 428-7500
 (including catch basins, and man hole covers)
 Monroe County Department of Environmental Services, Pure Waters  (585) 753-7600
 Gas, Electric  Rochester, Gas, & Electric Corporation  (585) 546-1100
 Telephone  Rochester Telephone Company  (585) 777-1611
 Cable  Time Warner Communications  (585) 756-5000


Call Before You Dig!

To coordinate utility work in public streets, a centralized location service has been established by agencies responsible for work in our streets. Before you dig, call the Underground Facilities Protective Organization at 1-800-962-7962.