Parking and Abandoned Vehicles

The City of Rochester has adopted a series of vehicle-parking regulations designed to promote harmony among its residents and improve quality of life.

Parking in the city can be challenging for reasons that are not unique to Rochester. For instance, the city is older than the automobile, so many properties were not designed to accommodate parking, and several large houses have been subdivided into multi-unit apartments, which increases the density of vehicles. Most residents accept these challenges as a fact of the urban lifestyle and a city planning strategy that seeks to de-emphasize a reliance on vehicles and promote pedestrian activity.

To mitigate these challenges, the City encourages motorists to park their vehicles in a spirit of cooperation and consideration. For instance, vehicles should not be parked within five feet of a driveway to ensure property owners and tenants have have sufficient access to their property.  Also, most residential streets have alternate parking to enable street cleaning, which requires careful reading of the parking signs. And to maintain the aesthetic beauty of our neighborhoods, the City impounds abandoned vehicles.

Towed Vehicles

If your vehicle has been towed by the City of Rochester, call: Rochester Police Department Auto Pound: (585) 428-6717.  Call 311 (outside the city call (585)428-5990) to report abandoned vehicles.

Related Code Information

To learn more about the City's parking regulations view the CITY CODE: Section 90-15.  Junked, abandoned or unlicensed vehicles