Lead Paint - Get Safe

One of the most significant challenges facing the community is how to fund the repairs required by our new lead ordinance. The City of Rochester is working with non-profit, private, government and community agencies to generate new funding sources and expand on existing resources for lead hazard controls.

What are our government leaders doing to help property owners?

New York State Assemblyman David Gantt and Senator Joe Robach have introduced a bill that would include a tax credit for any lead hazard control work. Both the City of Rochester and Monroe County have received lead hazard control grant funding in the past, and have applied for new funding in this federal fiscal year. An EPA grant has provided funding for a “packager” to help individual owners finance lead hazard control and to generate new loan and grant options.

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks has pledged to support enforcement of the code’s lead provisions. This city-county model of primary prevention could inform national efforts to promote lead safety in all public assistance housing.

Is the Rochester ordinance like other lead laws in the nation?

The Rochester ordinance has several nationally significant features. First, it reflects our growing understanding of lead poisoning prevention. The law incorporates recent research on the efficacy of interim controls performed by people trained in Lead Safe Work Practices. It builds on the observation that primary prevention resources should target the highest risk housing. The law responds to findings about the importance of dust hazards by requiring dust wipes in high risk housing that pass a visual inspection and by requiring a clearance after work is done.

Is there funding available to help control lead hazards?

The City of Rochester may have lead hazard control grants for investor owners (landlords). You may learn more about this grant program by calling (585) 428-6827.

I want to make sure my unit is lead-safe after using proper work practices. What else can I do?

Consider renting a HEPA vacuum. HEPA vacuums remove lead dust by trapping it in a special filter that conventional vacuums do not have. Visit www.leadsafeby2010.org for a list of Neighborhood Associations or organizations that may be of assistance. 

Where can I learn more?

For general information about lead: