Pathways to Peace Success Stories

Pathways to Peace is a Department of Recreation and Human Services program dedicated to steering city youth towards positive life choices and away from violence. See the main Pathways to Peace page  

As told by the kids...

"I am a 18-year drop out. I live on my own, with no parental support. I needed a job and a diploma, but could not get either on my own. This was mostly due to problems I had with my identification. Once I enrolled in Pathways To Peace, they helped me develop my resume, and assisted me with my job search. They helped me get in touch with my family in Puerto Rico, making it possible for me to get my birth certificate and other papers, which allowed me to get my NY State ID. I can now apply for my GED. Pathways are a great support for teenagers like me, who are trying to make it in life. They really help you get it together."

" I met Victor in 1998 at North Street Recreation Center. He asked me how it was going and if I needed some assistance. I told him yes. I needed help finding employment. So he started bringing me different applications and always telling me how important school was. Well I got a job working for a recreation center and we stayed in contact. After that seasonal position ended, he stayed on me about school and trying different things. He linked me to the Catholic Youth Organization about another job. The job I got through them, paid much attention to my school work. This past summer, they accepted me to the Finger Lakes Community College, with a partial scholarship. I worked security on campus part-time and did my best. I always wanted to be an artist, So, when I saw an art school in New York City was accepting applications, I applied. Once again, I was accepted. This month, I leave to go through my orientation there and I look forward to it. Thanks Victor and Pathways To Peace."

As told by the parents...

"My son was 15 years old when I referred him to Pathways To Peace. He is now 17 years old. He was not attending school, drinking, smoking pot, and not listening to me. The outreach worker met with my son and I and helped link him to the National Guard New York Challenge Program. He remained in their program in Peekskill, NY for 5 1/2 months. He has now since graduated, he received his GED, and is scheduled to attend SUNY Brockport in the Fall. Meanwhile, he is using PTP’s help in finding a job."

"I was involved with Pathways To Peace. They helped my daughter enroll in the Liberty Partnership Program. My daughter was in PTP when they first started and to this day, I thank them for what they have done for my daughter, when they violently jumped her in the Summer of last year. They have helped a lot of children and I am very glad they exist."

"Pathways has helped my child overcome barriers that I have never thought he would ever overcome. My son had been on probation for stealing cars since he was 15 years old and also has an addiction to alcohol.

Thanks to Pathways and his mentor, he has been able to attain a GED and has also completed a program on NY National Guard. My son then had a relapse with his alcohol and was given traffic tickets for DUI and once again Pathways was there. My son completed an inpatient program for 30 days and is now on his 5th month of sobriety. Through this all Pathways has never lost hope for my son.

My son will be sworn into the Air Force in the coming weeks to start his life as a responsible adult and we the family appreciate the things your program has done for us."

Thank you
A Grateful Parent

"My involvement with the Pathways to Peace Program is through two of my children... The oldest was a high school dropout with no real goals in sight. She was referred to and completed the NYSNG "Challenge" Program, where she obtained her GED. She is now considering college. My youngest was having trouble in school with attendance, academics & she was exhibiting some violent behavior. She received counseling & some encouragement from Pathways staff. She was referred to various programs that are designed to offer alternatives to current behaviors, as well as assistance w/employment and recreational opportunities.

The program is performing a tremendous service to the community by making information available, by linking resources & manpower to those in need. I have referred several people to the program.

The most important thing you have in life is choice, the Pathways Program provides more."