Administration Bureau - Rochester Police Department

*Coronavirus COVID-19 Update: Due to continuing concerns with the current COVID-19 outbreak, the Rochester Police Department wants to limit person-to-person interactions within our Technical Services Section as a precaution. *Effective immediately, the Police Property Clerk Office and Auto Impound is open from 10 AM - 4 PM until further notice. 

Administration Bureau - Rochester Police Department  


The Administration Bureau is commanded by Deputy Chief Elena Correia. The Administration Bureau is responsible for providing the administrative support services necessary for the effective operation of the Rochester Police Department (RPD). Subdivisions of the Administration Bureau are responsible for managing RPD resources to meet Departmental needs in the most effective and efficient manner.  

The DCA is the liaison with the City of Rochester’s Department of Human Resource Management in personnel matters, including employee hiring and promotion, Labor Relations (which maintains grievance records) and labor unions representing RPD employees in labor matters. The DCA is the liaison for building maintenance and improvement, and utility services. The DCA oversees the Officer Assistance Program (OAP) for crisis intervention and stress counseling services for RPD members and their families.

The Administration Bureau is comprised of the Professional Development Section (including the RPD Background Unit and Volunteer Services Unit), Technical Services Section, Research and Evaluation Section, and Personnel and Budget offices.

The Professional Development Section (PDS) develops, coordinates and administers RPD In-Service and Recruit Training programs, along with Firearms and Defensive Tactics training. PDS includes Volunteer Services, responsible for background assistance, assigning civilian volunteers, and maintaining and monitoring a variety of programs within the RPD. PDS works in conjunction with the Monroe County Public Safety Training Facility for recruit and advanced training programs. The Citizen's Police Academy is also coordinated by PDS.

The Technical Services Section (TSS) is responsible for providing technical support to field personnel and public access to RPD records. TSS coordinates fleet vehicle purchasing and maintenance. TSS includes Headquarters and Records, Juvenile Records, Identification, Warrants, Court Liaison, Call Reduction, Property Clerk, Firearms Investigations, Quartermaster and Auto Pound, as well as the Police Overt Digital Surveillance System (PODSS)/Anti-Violence Cameras.

The Research and Evaluation Section (R&E) is responsible for developing, revising and  maintaining RPD policies and procedures, including Administrative and General Orders. R&E is liaison to the Monroe County Office of Emergency Preparedness and coordinates the development of policies and procedures in emergency responses involving the RPD and outside agencies. R&E is responsible for managing special projects and experimental programs, such as research, procurement and administration of grant funding and assessing compliance with RPD rules, regulations and directives. R&E develops analytic and status reports , coordinates staff and field inspections, evaluates compliance with directives, plans and regulations, and coordinates the testing of new products, equipment and technologies for Departmental use. R&E prepares status reports and recommendations regarding the administration and operation of the RPD and oversees RPD compliance with the NYS Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (NYSLEAP).

The police Personnel Office is responsible for maintaining RPD personnel and payroll records, including RPD hiring procedures. The police Budget Office is responsible for overseeing RPD purchasing and accounting procedures and monitoring RPD revenues and expenditures.