Water Construction Updates (Street Beat)


  Water Construction Project 
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  Water Main Cleaning & Lining Rehabilitation of existing water mains to improve water quality and available fire flow The following water mains from the Cleaning and Lining 2020 Project will be completed in the Spring 2021. Frederick St. (Cleveland St. - Helena St.); Putnam St. (Cleveland St. - Helena St.); Glide St. (Lyell Ave. - Holworthy St.); Glide St. (Campbell St. - Maple St.); South Ave. (Science Pkwy. - Fort Hill Ter.); Weaver St. (Remington St. - Joseph Ave.)
   Lead Service Line Replacement Project Replace existing lead , lead-lined and galvanized water services from the water main to the curb shut-off valve Currently replacing the lead containing water services on Selye Ter. (Lake Ave. - Dewey Ave.)
Alameda from Dewey to Lake lead service replacement
Birr St from Dewey to Lake lead service replacement
Beginning 1/19/21 Seneca Pkwy from Lake to west end lead service replacements
    Burley Rd Valve leak, possibly broken bonnet. Valve is closed, 2-valve shut, repair
    263 Latta Rd Repair curb box
    1048 Ave D Renew Service
    Champeney Ter Blow out valve
    1615 University Av Repair curb box
    Aqueduct St Leak investigation


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