Water Construction Updates (Street Beat)


  Water Construction Project 
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  Water Main Cleaning & Lining Rehabilitation of existing water mains to improve water quality and available fire flow The following water mains from the 2021 Water Main Lining & Lead Service Replacement Project will be completed in the Spring of 2022: Croyden Rd. (Dorchester Rd to Blossom Rd.); Yarmouth Rd. (Dorchester Rd. to Blossom Rd.); Saxton St. ( Broad St. to Jay St.); O’Bien St. (Joseph Av. to Dead End); and Hoeltzer St. (Joseph av. to N. Clinton Av.).
   Lead Service Line Replacement Project Replace existing lead , lead-lined and galvanized water services from the water main to the curb shut-off valve Currently completing renewals on Wyand Cres (Merchants Rd – East City Limits). Mobilizing to Culver Rd (Norris St – Monroe Ave) next.

Currently completing renewals on Winbourne Rd (Kingsboro Rd – Scottsville Rd). Mobilizing to Devon Rd (Kingsboro Rd to Pioneer St) next. 
   Water Main Cleaning and Structural Lining Project Rehabilitates existing water mains to improve water quality and available flows for fire-fighting and add decades of useful life to the pipe Work on the 2021 Structural Lining of Water Mains Project has been completed for the season. Pavement restoration work will begin in Spring of 2022.
  Water Main Extensions and Improvements Installation of new water mains to improve water quality, available fire flow, and increase longevity of the water system. Work on Grand Ave. and Villa St. have been completed. Work will begin on East Ave. in the Spring of 2022 followed by Alphonse St.
         55 Burlington Ave Renew service
    12 Terry St Lower curb box
    Ave C Replace hydrant drainage bed
    306 Wilkins St Dig and abandon service


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