About Business Development

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The City of Rochester’s Business Development team partners with a wide variety of for-profit businesses from high technology and manufacturing to neighborhood commercial and retail. We  provide financial services, and other support to achieve the following  objectives:

  • Job Creation and Retention for City Residents
  • New Business Growth
  • Downtown and Neighborhood Business Revitalization

Business Development Information

Business Development Team

If you have a business located in the City and would like our assistance, please contact us and we will provide first class customer service with a "Yes We Can" attitude.

Director            Thaddeus Schofield:  Director of Strategic Business Development 
                            (585) 428-7848 | Thaddeus.Schofield@CityofRochester.Gov

Northeast        David Balestiere:  Economic Development Project Manager
                            (585) 428-6817 | David.Balestiere@CityofRochester.Gov 
Northwest       Eric Van Dusen:  Sr. Economic Development Specialist
                            (585) 428-6177 | Eric.vandusen@CityofRochester.Gov   

Southeast        Matthew McCarthy:  Economic Development Project Manager
                            (585) 428-6920 | Matthew.McCarthy@CityofRochester.Gov  

 Southwest      Thaddeus Schofield:  Director of Strategic Business Development 
                            (585) 428-7848  | Thaddeus.Schofield@CityofRochester.Gov