Environmental Cleanup Project


The City is initiating the environmental cleanup of three parcels of land (425 and 435 Mt. Hope Ave, and 562 Ford Street) located in the City's South Wedge Area. Hereafter collectively referred to as the "Site," the area is located on the eastern bank of the Genesee River. The Site was used as a former gasoline service station and vehicle repair facility for several decades until the early 1970s, the Site buildings were demolished in preparation for the construction of a City park known as Gateway Park. 

Investigation Findings

Environmental investigations performed by the City in 2000 and 2002 identified petroleum-contaminated soil and groundwater associated with the former uses of the Site.  The Site is located adjacent to a privately owned property to the north that is also undergoing environmental cleanup. Cleanup is to be performed in concert with the separate cleanup performed on the adjacent property to the north.

The cleanup of the site will include the excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated soils present in the unsaturated zone, and the installation of a groundwater remediation which will inject high concentrations of oxygen into the groundwater to promote bioremediation. The cleanup will be initiated in spring 2009, and groundwater remediation is anticipated to take two or more years. 


 Opinion of Probable Remedial Cost, Mt. Hope Avenue, April 2008
 Environmental Data Evaluation Report
 Phase II Environmental Study Data Package
 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report


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