Rochester's Commitment to the Natural Environment

Boys placing blue box on curbThe City of Rochester is committed to the beauty and sustainability of its natural environment. We accomplish that goal through such efforts as the Clean Sweep and Flower City Looking Good programs and the work of the City Green Team.
Launched in 2006, the Clean Sweep Program has emerged as a particular point of pride for the Duffy administration. Each spring, thousands of volunteers help remove the winter’s accumulation of winter and other debris from the streets and public spaces. They also help remove graffiti and plant perennial flowers. Flower City Looking Good extends this community spirit through the remainder of the summer and fall by offering citizens dozens of opportunities to get outside and enjoy, and help maintain, our city’s natural amenities. Activities include nature tours, trail-cleaning parties and garden contests.
The Green Team fosters stewardship among City employees and the Rochester community by promoting daily activities and work habits that benefit the long-term health of the environment and conserve our natural resources.