Extension and Outreach Department of the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County


Bausch and Lomb Public Library Building 

   1st floor, Bausch & Lomb Public Library Building
   115 South Avenue
   Rochester, NY  14604

   (585) 428-8312

The Extension/Outreach Department of the Monroe County Library System and the Rochester Public Library provides library services for the members of the community who are unable to visit a public library.

- In-home delivery service for members of the community who are unable to visit a library due to age or transportation limitations, or because of a temporary or permanent physical disability. The loan period for materials is six weeks.  
- Loan of materials to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Rochester, NY area for use by their residents. The loan period is two months.
- Loan of reading materials and TASC support at the Monroe Correctional Facility and Rochester Correctional Facility. Library staff also provides reference service via mail to inmates.
- Job information services to community organizations that work with the unemployed and underemployed in the Rochester area. Library staff provides information about library services and how the library may assist those looking for employment.   
- Making Moves, a resource guide for ex-offenders returning to the Rochester and Monroe County area. It is available to the currently incarcerated as well as newly-released offenders and may be obtained upon request.
- Housing for Seniors in Monroe County, a publication that provides information about housing for the senior population in the area. A County Edition and a City Edition are available upon request.
- MCLS Guide to DisABILITY Resources in Monroe County. This guide to disability resources in Monroe County lists local agencies, organizations, support groups, camps, family activities and more to assist people with disabilities and their loved ones. 

- Books, including Large Print and books on CD and cassette
- Music on cassette and CD
- Movies on VHS and DVD, with an emphasis on classic movies and musicals
- Vintage TV shows on VHS and DVD
- BiFolkal Kits (remembrance kits) -- interactive programs designed to help older adults recall events and lifestyles of earlier years. Each kit has a specific theme and provides activities to stimulate all the senses.

Assistive Devices
- Cassette players
- Prism glasses allow someone who is immobilized in a prone position to read when they are unable to direct their eyes to the material
- Reading magnifiers that hang around the neck
- Magnifying lamps
- Book holders for hands-free reading
These assistive devices may be borrowed from the Extension/Outreach Department.