Property Tax Billing

Tax bill imageThe City of Rochester levies property taxes on behalf of itself and the Rochester City School District.  Property tax bills are mailed each July to all property owners who do not have escrow arrangements with their mortgagee.  Those who have not received their tax bill are urged to notify the City’s Tax Information Office at (585) 428-6940, from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Property owners are responsible for paying their taxes on time, regardless of whether or not they have received their bill.

Tax bills are split into four installment deadlines. The four installment deadlines are: July 31, September 30, January 31, and March 31.  If your balance for each installment has not been paid by the installment deadline, interest penalties will begin to accrue at 1% interest per month.  If the installment deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline for payment is the following Monday.  

What are my payment options? 

My Property Information: Tax Bill & Payment History 

Third Party Notification form