Loose Leaf Collection FAQs

When are leaves collected? Leaf collection

During the month of November each year.

Where does my street fall in the weekly collection schedule?

Each street is given a one-week timeframe when pickup will occur. Staff will not know exactly which day your leaves will be picked up, so make sure your leaves are raked to the curb by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your designated week. Depending on the progress, the City will pick up your leaves any day that week.

Where do I place my leaves when it's my week?

Leaves MUST be placed in the space between the sidewalk and the curb. They will not be picked up anywhere else. 

What if I miss my scheduled week?

Don't worry, there are options if you miss your scheduled leaf pickup. Get the details here.

Leaf collection(3)Why would I come home to find leaves blown all over my street?

If you have arrived home and found your street in a leafy mess, don't panic! The process for collection on your street, from start to finish, can take a couple of hours. This is because crews tackle the leaves in stages: first, someone comes down with a blower or rake and pushes all the leaves onto the street. Next, a crew will come through with multiple vehicles and lift all the leaves into loaders. Once the loaders leave, a street sweeper will come and clean the street of any leftover debris.

Why would a spot be missed on my street?

Sometimes, parked cars in the road can prohibit crews from reaching leaf piles. Other times, neighbors notice that their street has been serviced and then rake their leaves out to the curb. When situations like these occur, you can call 311 and report the address that needs leaf pickup. However, DES will not service these situations until the entire regular November city cycle has been completed. 

What if I have leaves that fell after pickup was completed?

You can always bag leaves and place bags at the curb on you normal refuse pickup day.