Washington Grove Preservation Project

The City has devised a workplan designed to improve the condition of Washington Grove and reinforce its commitment to preserving the beauty of and access to the area. 

About Washington Grove

Click on the photo to view a gallery from a volunteer day at the Grove.Washington Grove is a city owned woodland area nestled on the eastern edge of Cobbs Hill Reservoir. In 2008, a coalition of park users and surrounding neighbors came together to develop a management plan for Washington Grove. The coalition produced a draft management plan which suggested some actions aimed at preserving and restoring the Grove. This was provided to the City for review. With some modifications the plan was adopted and became the basis for an annual City work plan designed to improve the conditions of Washington Grove and reinforce its commitment to preserving the beauty of and access to the area.

Trail and Entrance Assessment and Recommendations Project

The purpose of this project is to assess and evaluate the existing trail system in the Washington Grove section of Cobb's Hill Park.

The results of this study include an assessment of the existing conditions and development of recommendations for: the enhancement of existing trails to support a variety of trail users, the possible removal/discouragement of detrimental trails, potential new alternative trails, concept-level design for trail entrances, and a realistic maintenance strategy to ensure safety and sustainability of the park's trail system. The study also suggests improvements along trails and at trails and at trail heads to evaluate the feasibility of developing ADA accessible routes.

Download Full Study Report

This document will be used as guidance for future capital and volunteer projects. Any capital projects will require further public review and comment.

Grove Workplan

Work began in the spring of 2010 and has continued with a combination of volunteers and city forces over the past 5 years.
Click here to review the Washington Grove 2019 Workplan  

Family Walks in Washington Grove


Nestled behind the reservoir atop Cobb’s Hill is a beautiful grove of giant old oaks, named Washington Grove after our first President. In coordination with Flower City Looking Good, learn about Washington Grove's birds, geology and more on a family walk. Get the 2016 Washington Grove Walk Schedule
and all the details at Flower City Looking Good

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