La Avenida (N. Clinton Ave) Streetscape Project

Project Background La Avenida

La Avenida (N. Clinton Avenue from Upper Falls Boulevard to Avenue D) is the site of an ongoing public improvement and revitalization project. This project involves the design and construction of public improvements with emphasis on the public pedestrian realm. The proposed streetscape improvements will invite and support pedestrian use and safety, highlight and amplify the unique character of the street, relate disparate features of the project area, and contribute to its development as a cultural and commercial destination. Alterations to traffic, street geometry and street surfacing are not part of this project.

Funding and Proposed Work

The project is funded with $1.1 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus project) federal funding. Those funds, along with City contributions, bring the total project budget for design and construction to approximately $1.9 million.

Construction project work elements include:

  • Replacement of sections of deteriorated/failed curbing and sidewalk,
  • Resetting of deteriorated/failed brick sidewalk accents, 
  • Landscape enhancement of all City owned vacant lots,
  • Replacement of all sidewalk ramps to bring in compliance with latest Americans with Disability Act guidelines, 
  • Enhanced ornamental crosswalks at all intersections and introduction of new unsignalized crossing, 
  • Replacement of existing street lighting with ornamental poles including pedestrian-level fixtures, 
  • Installation of 2 public plazas and park perimeter improvements at Don Samuel Torres Park, 
  • Relocation of 1 existing and installation of 2 new bus shelters, and 
  • Gateway column and seat wall installation at Upper Falls Boulevard.

Project Documents

Project Timeline

This project has been completed!

Project Team

Initiation, Funding and OversightCity's Department of Neighborhood and Business Development 
Design ManagementCity's Department of Environmental Services , Development Division
Design Consultant: Bergmann Associates
Construction Management: Department of Environmental Services, Construction Division
Construction Inspection: Bergmann Associates
Construction Contractor: Sealand Contractors Corp.


If you have questions about the construction phase of the project, contact City project manager for construction, Mr. John Standinger, at (585) 428-Concrete piers, seat wall, and ornamental fence along park frontage.7494, or email Mr. Standinger.  

If you have questions about the project's design, contact, Mr. Jeff Mroczek, one of the City's landscape architects. He can be reached at (585) 428-7124, or email Mr. Mroczek.