Brooks Landing Phase II Public Improvement Project Scope


Roadway Improvements

South Plymouth Avenue road improvements will make the roadway appear like and function like a park drive. Improvements may include, but are not limited to: the Elmwood Avenue intersection, roadway alignment, cross section, and link to the public access easement through the hotel development; park gateway enhancements; pedestrian access; and lighting.

Trail Improvements

Trail work may include: establishment of a trail connection between the Genesee Valley Park Ice Arena and the existing Genesee Riverway Trail, south of Elmwood Avenue; design development of a loop trail along the former canal/rail right-of-way with connections to the existing Genesee Riverway Trail and neighborhood sidewalk grid; and enhancements to the existing trail.

Park Improvements

Park Landscape

Develop landscape plans to optimize viewshed opportunities both along the river frontage and within the park, and enhance the historic designed landscape. Grading, selective clearing, planting, and maintenance/management of existing vegetation may be used to open and frame scenic sightlines and buffer negative views. Special consideration is to be paid to the viewsheds and features that raise awareness of the natural/historic/cultural resource value of the river, canal, and historic designed landscape.


Develop a comprehensive signage system to identify Genesee Valley Park and the trial that will guide trail and park users while interpreting the area's history.


Assess daily and special event (overflow) parking needs and develop a plan to accommodate the needs.

Public Art

Identify a range of opportunities of theme, sightline, location, and scale to incorporate public art into the site design. The artwork will serve as a focal point for the adjacent neighborhood, trail users, motorists, and travelers on the Genesee River/Erie Canal. Produce a prospectus package and selection criteria to serve as the basis for a public art competition. Coordinate all phases of design with the site requirements for installation of all selected art.

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