Focused Investment - Housing Enhancement Program Rental Property Initiative

Program Purpose/Goal

This program is designed to improve the exterior condition of rental properties within the City's four Focused Investment Strategy (FIS) neighborhoods.

Eligible Participants/Areas

Deferred loans are available to eligible Landlords whose properties are located in one of the four FIS neighborhood priority program areas. One to four unit residential properties are eligible, and tenants must have incomes at or below 50% AMI. 

Eligible Activities

Generally, the funding is to be used for facade-related improvements to address the appearance of landlord owned properties in the neighborhood, including landscaping treatments that enhance curbside appeal. Security improvements are also eligible costs.

Facade related repairs: Porch repairs, roofs, siding, gutters, windows, doors, railings, driveways, sidewalks outside of the right of way, landscaping, and demolition including garages or small exterior structures. All exterior work must conform to the design standards established for this program. Other facade improvements requested by the property owner, but not listed in this description or included in the design standards, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Security related repairs: Door locks, door bells, fences, security doors, alarm systems, exterior lighting, glass block windows, and removal of barriers (hiding places) are eligible. Other security-related items not listed, but requested by property owners, will be considered on a case by case basis.

Funding Request and Limits

  • The maximum deferred loan per property is $33,000 to be used for eligible program costs and lead hazard control.
  • For the deferred loan (up to $33,000 per property), landlords must produce 10% funding match. Costs exceeding $33,000 will be the responsibility of the landlord.
  • Tenants must have incomes at or below 50% AMI. Documentation of income must be submitted.
  • Properties do not have to be occupied, but must have a current Certificate of Occupancy or the landlord may produce evidence that work is in progress to gain compliance.
  • Taxes must be current for the subject property or a tax agreement must be evidenced.
  • If the property owner maintains a mortgage, payments must be current. Properties found to be subject to foreclosure are ineligible.
  • All enrolled properties will be subject to a lead based paint inspection/risk assessment at the City's cost. All lead based paint hazards must be addressed through the City's LHC Program before program approval can be given to landlords.
  • Post construction requirements will be imposed through the execution of a five (5) year program agreement, but will not be recorded as a lien against the property.

Completed Projects:  Before and After Photographs

60 Clifton Street     /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/3f9f20a0-7c60-40e7-8299-061a1e4c9622.jpg /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/1fdc2311-5421-4bc9-9b85-5baa1c048c4e.jpg
227 Jefferson Avenue     /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/5fb0034b-3e9d-4437-abc0-d15a518f895d.jpg /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/e13e3252-199d-4229-92d8-e0058c3eee62.jpg      /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/700ee6b8-c353-455b-8fc0-b87d76021330.jpg /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/f500d95a-c962-4768-8f76-7a7812ccf1bc.jpg
247 Webster Avenue     /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/7a4a3d44-f0ab-4766-8fbd-879821f78940.jpg /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/232a293e-30a4-4c0c-8ba7-9b84d10765ab.jpg
168 N. Union Street /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/9bff0d34-cf68-43fc-a8eb-428ab7c66fcc.jpg /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/0c9f77cd-84e5-49c0-bbbe-3fc4147e6c1b.jpg
192 N. Union Street /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/62798f84-9e40-46d8-b6b8-85e63aec6b0b.jpg /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/3de86e2c-f0bb-49f1-8096-c61a42945d6c.jpg
374 Driving Park Avenue     /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/70b633dc-c0e3-4262-a896-f9e87ca2adec.jpg /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/61de841f-0fca-44b3-a7dd-f7cbe05de56e.jpg
327 Seyle Terrace /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/6908bbb1-6297-4c98-abd3-7e0de948c014.jpg /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/11a546bd-2338-420c-a45b-6372b6fd7da7.jpg


Through a competitive RFP, NeighborWorks Rochester has been selected to administer the application intake process for this program. NeighborWorks Rochester relies on FIS area neighborhood-based organizations for program referrals. The City is responsible for all construction activity under this program.

Additional Information

For more information on this program, please contact:

Gia Boersema
Landlord Initiative Coordinator
NeighborWorks Rochester
(585) 325-4170 Extension 328