Focused Investment - Exterior and Security Rehabilitation Program for Owner Occupants

Purpose and Goal

The City of Rochester Exterior and Security Rehabilitation (ESRP) Program is a deferred loan program for owner-occupied one to four-family residential properties located in one of the four Focused Investment Strategy areas. The purpose of the ESRP program is to improve the overall appearance and security of each FIS neighborhood through providing a financial resource to owner-occupant homeowners.

Eligible Participants

Program eligibility is limited to owner occupied one to four-unit residential structures in the FIS priority and program areas. Structures must be in need of exterior or security-related repairs. Non-residential and mixed-use structures are ineligible. Participants must have incomes at or below 80% AMI.

Eligible Activities

Generally, the funding is to be used for facade-related improvements to address the appearance of owner-occupied properties in the FIS neighborhoods including landscaping treatments that enhance curbside appeal. Security improvements are also eligible costs.

Facade Related Repairs:  Porch repairs, roofs, siding or paint, gutters, windows, doors, railings, driveways, sidewalks outside of the right of way, landscaping, demolition of small garages or small exterior structures, or power washing of structures on parcel. Other facade improvements requested by the property owner not listed in this description or included in the FIS design standards will be considered on a case by case basis.

Security Related Repairs:  Door locks, door bells, fences, security doors, alarm systems, exterior lighting, glass block windows, and removal of barriers (hiding places) are eligible. Other security-related items not listed, but requested by property owners, will be considered on a case by case basis.

Funding Requests and Limits

  • The maximum deferred loan per property is $28,000 to be used for eligible program costs and lead hazard control. Participants are required to invest their own matching funds based on a sliding scale.
  • Participants must have incomes at or below 80% AMI.
  • Participants must be current on their property taxes or a tax agreement must be evidenced.
  • Participants must be current on mortgages (if applicable).
  • The property deed must be provided by the applicant and the property must be currently occupied by the applicant-owner.
  • All exterior work must conform to the design standards established for this program.
  • All enrolled properties will be required to comply with Title X of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992. If a unit is found to have lead based paint hazards, the property will be enrolled in the City's Lead Hazard Control Program (LHC).
  • Post construction requirements include a pledge to committing to continued property maintenance.

Completed Projects:  Before and After Photographs

247 Jefferson Avenue     /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/9bc62f96-d1a8-49aa-afd6-3f09c99a78d1.jpg       /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/21953c51-f6fc-41b9-a45a-6f929c0283ab.jpg
293 Jefferson Avenue /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/c81a21e0-5854-411f-a6a2-61d857cd6ceb.jpg       /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/4b92d979-0ab5-45e7-85b4-bb4555937b1e.jpg
117 Weld Street /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/949a57a3-fc68-4c52-bf9b-760cb9c83f81.jpg       /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/33eb53dc-1de5-44fd-8316-965e1e5e18d7.jpg
123 Weld Street /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/47f3afe1-b9ec-42af-9893-945e6ab8aaae.jpg       /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/4b943918-6132-45ec-bf3e-1e2697ff641d.jpg
12 Broezel Street /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/065335df-21ee-4c7b-9c95-406f312142e6.jpg       /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/ad617c73-ff50-492c-bbbc-acb4c74ce93d.jpg
291 Selye Terrace /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/1090c3e3-38fb-4aef-99ca-cc398d0fc656.jpg       /assets/0/117/8589934996/8589935743/28080c72-fb93-4ffe-aa9f-8fd7673cd13c.jpg

Implementation and Additional Information

The application and administration of ESRP grants is managed by the following sub-contractor organizations: 

 FIS Area  Administration  Contact Information
 Dewey Driving Park FIS       Northwest Community Services  Linda Gonzales
 (585) 254-8090
 Jefferson FIS  Southwedge Planning Committee supported by     
 Southwest Area Neighborhood Association and
 Montgomery Center

 Southwedge Planning Committee:
 Eileen Thomas
 (585) 256-1740

 Beechwood FIS  Northeast Area Development (NEAD)  Gloria Morris
 (585) 482-7320
 Marketview Heights  Marketview Heights Association

 Ty Concepcion
 (585) 423-1540