Your New Home Frequently Asked Questions

Your New Home logoYour New Home focuses on foreclosed city homes acquired by the City, who partners with the Rochester Housing Development Fund Corporation, to completely rehabilitate and sell them to the public for owner occupancy. Viewers will see a showcase of houses ready to be purchased, and learn more about the Home Rochester Program as Shiera Coleman gives a guided tour about each new home. Those new to the homebuying process can learn the steps to get a mortgage from local experts. 

Your New Home Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Home Rochester Program?

Single family homes in the City of Rochester are available to first time home buyers who will occupy the properties for periods between 3 years and 15 years. Homes are rehabilitated and have lead clearances.

What are the requirements of the program?

Must be a First Time Home Buyer and not currently own residential property.

Must have $1,500.00 of their own funds (cannot be gift money).

Must occupy the purchased property.

Must attend pre and post purchase education classes.

Must have an annual income at 115% or below Median Family Income to purchase

AND at 80% or below Median Family Income to be eligible for grant.

Must qualify for a conventional, FHA or SONYMA bank mortgage.

Do I receive a grant or mortgage loan from the City of Rochester?

The City of Rochester provides a closing cost assistance grant of up to $6,000 and a construction subsidy grant which will require buyer to occupy the property for a period of 10-15 years.

How will I know if I am eligible to purchase Home Rochester properties?

Home Buyer Services will schedule interviews with buyers to inform them of their eligibility.

Where can I obtain the application and what documents do I need to provide?

The application can be downloaded at the websites:, or or sent via mail if you call (585) 428-6888 to request.

Documents verifying source of income (pay stubs, pension, social security, child support, SSI, disability, workman’s compensation)

2 years Full tax returns and W-2’s

3 months banking statements

Social security cards, birth certificates and photo ID

You must sign and date the application and provide copies of all documents NOT originals. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

I have many collections and low credit scores. Can I still apply?

You can certainly apply but may be informed at the time of the interview that you may need financial literacy classes which will help you repair your credit at which time you may reapply to the program.

How do I know if the property I am interested in is a rehabilitated home?

The rehabilitated homes are sold by the Rochester Housing Development Fund Corporation and primarily listed for sale with not-for-profit developers such as NCS, NEAD, IBERO, Urban League, Marketview Heights, ISLA, GROUP 14621 and Pathstone.

Do I need a Realtor in order to see these homes?

If the homes are listed with the non-profit-developer, your agent must have a prior compensation agreement with the developer. Your Realtor will be compensated only if the homes are multiple listed.

Can I purchase these Home Rochester properties if I am an investor?

No, only owner occupant buyers are eligible to purchase these homes.