Flower City Kids Cultivate Rochester

June 4, 2010 Planting Day

Who are the Flower City Kids?

The Flower City Kids are the pre-K and elementary school students in the city's public and private schools that since 1986 have started nearly 200,000 plants in their classrooms and planted them in Ontario Beach Park and in other places around the city. With their teachers' help, they've learned more than just how seeds grow--they've also learned about the importance of plants in our lives.  


How do I get involved? What's the process?

In late February of each year, all city public and private school principals or school coordinators will receive registration forms and information/instructions for that year's Flower City Kids program. Therefore, the principal and/or school coordinator will be the best contacts about participation. Generally, the process is as follows: 

Early February: registration/order forms mailed to schools

March/April: registration/order deadline

Early April: delivery of seeds, soils, and instructions to schools

April: classroom planting

Early June: outside planting of seedlings; planting and picnic event at Ontario Beach Park

This year's Flower City Kids Picnic and Planting Day is Thursday, June 2, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. 
Download a brochure for information about all Flower City Feeling Good events and activities.

Help at any point in this process is always available from the City's Bureau of Recreation and Youth Services.The City Horticulturist would be pleased to visit schools for a short training on planting and cultivating the seedlings.


Gardening at Campbell St. Community Center.Is there a lesson plan to follow?

Anything goes! There is no one lesson plan and projects differ in each classroom. Plants flourish on the windowsill and under fluorescent lights, or some find home in a milk or egg carton, or other containers. In spring, many classes plant their seedlings in the Flower City Kids Garden during the annual Planting and Picnic event, but just as many plant them in gardens in school courtyards, elsewhere in the neighborhood and community, or take them home for their yard.

Is there a cost?

No! Not only is it free to participate--project partners and volunteers package and deliver all seeds/soil orders! 

Want more details?

For more information on Flower City Kids, contact City Horticulturist Sara Lynn Scott at 428-8820 orscotts@cityofrochester.gov.