Environmental Impact Statement - East Avenue Wegmans

New East Avenue Wegmans
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The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) has been completed and accepted by the Manager of Zoning, as lead agency. The FEIS presents a revised plan, additional information and addresses all substantive comments received during the public comment period on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) . The DEIS was accepted for public review on June 7, 2010 and a public hearing was conducted on July 12, 2010 by the City of Rochester Environmental Commission (REC). The public comment period ended on August 6, 2010.

As originally submitted, the project proposed a building measuring 315-feet wide by 250-feet deep (93,500 SF footprint) with a 15,000 Square Foot mezzanine, totaling 108,500 Square Feet. Wegmans has revised its floor plan by significantly reducing the interior space dedicated to merchandising to accommodate a shift in the preparation spaces along East Avenue that allows for the introduction of seating along the East Avenue building wall. The footprint has been reduced to 88,000 Square Feet. Additionally, the mezzanine area was also reduced from 15,000 Square Feet down to 7,000 Square Feet. The total Food Market square footage now measures 95,000 Square Feet, a reduction of 13,500 Square Feet from the building proposed in the DEIS. Refer to the FEIS for a full explanation of all proposed changes to the project.


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Additional Information

For additional information, please contact Matthew Simonis at (585) 428-6914 or via email to Matthew.Simonis@CityofRochester.gov.