South Avenue Garage Reconstruction Project

Four years after the collapse of the helix, the reconstructed South Avenue Garage was opened for business. Over 400,000 visitors and daily commuters park in South Avenue Garage each year.Click on the photo for a slideshow of South Ave Garage images from 2006 to today.

Why was South Avenue garage reconstructed?

On April 21, 2006, parts of the helix-shaped ramp at the south end of the garage collapsed. Thankfully, there were no drivers on the ramp at the time, and no injuries resulted. The collapse required a complete reconstruction of the south end of the structure.

The South Avenue garage is owned by the City of Rochester but operated under contract by the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

Check out a slideshow of images of South Avenue Garage throughout the reconstruction process.

What did it take to reconstruct the garage?


Empire State Development and the Dormitory Authority provided the City with approximately $12.2 million to fund repairs. The City funded another $6.2 million to bring the total cost of reconstruction up to $18.4 million. A contingency of our local leaders worked extremely hard to secure the funding that made this project possible. A special thank you goes to members of the New York State Assembly who worked hard to bring the dollars to reconstruct the garage to Rochester:

  • State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
  • State Assemblyman David Gantt
  • State Assemblyman Joseph Morelle

Project management and Partners

Within the City, employees from the Department of Environmental Services oversaw the design and construction of this project. City project managers Tom Hack, Bill Kiselycznyk, and John Standinger ensured the project was on track from start to finish.

Externally, the completion of the project required the help of various consultants and contractors, including:

  • Stantec: garage design, construction inspection services
  • T.Y. Lin International: garage circulation plan and design
  • WJE Engineers: structural and safety investigations
  • Crane Hogan Structural Systems: prime general contractor
  • Blackmon Farrell Electrical: electrical contractor
  • D. G. Messmer Mechanical: plumbing contractor

How much parking is available at the garage now?

There are a total of 1,651 parking spots at the garage. The Central Library, Blue Cross Arena, Rochester Riverside Convention Center, The Hyatt Hotel, and Dinosaur BBQ are some of the popular places people visit after parking in the South Avenue Garage.

Questions about the garage?

For rates information and current monthly parking availability, see the South Avenue Garage web page or call the garage office at (585) 770-2370.