Southeast Neighborhoods - North Edge

Southeast Quadrant - North Edge

Bausch-and-LombThe North Edge Neighborhood enjoys a high percentage of homeowners, many of whom are the children of the original homeowners. A variety of architecture - Cape Cods, Colonials and ranch houses, with neat well-maintained front yards - make streets visually interesting in a neighborhood with a decidedly 1950's vibe. Its boundaries today extend north to Norton Street at the Irondequoit border, south to Clifford Avenue, west to North Goodman Street and east to Culver Road.

In the early 1900s, the North Edge Neighborhood had a more lively character. Old-timers remember a speakeasy on the corner of Bricker and Yates Streets, aka “Goat’s Hill,” during the years of Prohibition (1920-33). The large house that hid the speakeasy also held several secret passages later destroyed when it was remodeled into three apartments. The Neighborhood also harbored two alcohol “stills” that provided the illegal refreshments to the Yates Street establishment.

Fernwood-ParkLater in the century, North Edge grew into a more sedate neighborhood. After World War II, Fernwood Park Apartment Complex, on the corner of Waring Road and Fernwood Park, was part of the "Rochester Plan," a national project that provided homes to World War II veterans and their families. The affordable housing apartment complex recently underwent a $26 million renovation project from Rochester Civic Housing Properties.

Many neighbors participate in PAC-TAC, the Rochester Police Department’s Police and Citizens Together Against Crime initiative. In 2010, PAC-TAC members logged logged over 2025 hours walking their neighborhood, more than any other City neighborhood. 

The North East Area Development Inc., a non-profit neighborhood organization, also works with residents on an assortment of community enhancing programs including an emergency residential repair program and a tool library.

Donuts-DeliteThe neighborhood's “Happy Days” vibe is most visible at Donuts Delite, a neighborhood institution for 47 years, before it closed in 2005. Loyal residents never forgot the O’Malley family shop owners, and the Neighborhood was elated when it reopened five years later as part of Salvatore’s Pizza. Salvatore’s Pizza’s owner has restored much of the building’s original interior, including tin ceilings and retro tables, and invited the O’Malleys back to share one-half the space.

Lamartina’s Italian Restaurant on North Goodman Street is another great place to visit. The area is also know for family-owned Savoia's Pastry Shoppe that has operated since 1929. Residents from around the City drive to the Clifford Avenue bakery for their Italian biscotti, pastries and fancy tea cookies. Brides still follow the tradition of buying their wedding cakes from a bakery their grandparents enjoyed. 

The City’s Northeast College Preparatory High School at Douglass Campus, for grades 7-12, is located on Fernwood Park. The Norton Village Recreation Center on Waring Road offers a basketball court, softball fields, tennis courts and a game room and more for area youth.

Additional Information

If you would like additional information on this neighborhood, please contact the Southeast Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center:

320 N Goodman St - Suite 209
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