Lake Avenue Improvement Project

About the Project

Lake Avenue, from Merrill St to 600' south of Burley Rd will reconstruct the pavement and retain the two travel lanes in each direction configuration.

The bike lanes that currently exist to the south of the project will be extended into the project. Where the road narrows north of Winchester Street bikes will have the opportunity to access a 10’ wide multi-use path that will be constructed. The path will be 5’ of concrete and 5’ of asphalt and will run from north of Winchester Street to the trail head south of Burley Road on the east side, and from north of Winchester Street to the traffic signal at Holy sepulcher Cemetery on the west side.

A new curbed median will be installed in the center of the roadway at St. Bernard's to function as a pedestrian refuge for those crossing the road to access the bus stops.

New street lighting will be installed that will match the fixtures used along Lake Avenue to the north of the project.

New granite curbing, driveway aprons, signage and catch basins will be installed. New sidewalks will be installed in the areas not receiving the multi-use path.

A new watermain will be installed in the Merrill/Winchester Streets area, and along the rest of the project length cathodic protection will be installed on the existing watermain. New hydrants will also be installed.

During construction the contractor will be required to maintain a travel lane in each direction throughout the project corridor (Merrill Street to 600’ south of Burley Road).

The cost of the project, which includes construction, construction inspection and a contingency is $6,016,300. This project is being funded with a mixture of Federal Highway Administration Funds, State Marchiselli aid, and local funds.


Ramsey Constructors is the City’s Contractor on the Lake Avenue Improvement Project, the work should be substantially complete by December of 2016.  This portion of Lake Ave. will be reconstructed in three phases and remain open to two way traffic with one lane in each direction during the Project.

Public Participation

A Construction Public Informational Meeting was 27, 2015.

A final design public meeting was held on Wed. June 10, 2015.

Design Highlights:  

  • Retention of existing traffic lanes (two travel lanes each direction)
  • Retention of traffic signals
  • Installation of pedestrian refuge island @ St Bernard’s Park
  • Continuation of bike lanes at south end of project to Winchester Street, multi-use trail the remaining Project length 

Project Timeline

Scoping and Preliminary Engineering Design  Fall 2013
Detailed Design     Winter/Spring 2014 
Plans, Specifications and Estimates     Summer 2015
Construction Completion Spring 2017 


Scope of Work 
Lake Avenue Traffic Scoping  
Lake Avenue Traffic Study  
Lake Avenue Speeds Report  
Lake Avenue Street Maintenance and Improvement History and Condition Sheet  
Dictionary of field names for history and condition sheet 
Project Scoping Report and Final Design Report - July 2014 
Subsurface Report 
Complete Streets Policy 


If you have questions about the project, please contact the City's project manager, Mr. John Standinger, at (585) 428-7494 or email him.