Southeast Neighborhoods - North East Main Neighbors United (NEMNU)

In 2011, residents in an area bounded by Culver Road, East Main Street, Cedarwood Terrace and Jersey Street joined together to create The North East Main Neighbors United (NEMNU).

A century before, the NEMNU area was part of Brighton (referred to as West Brighton). Jane Wood owned 27-1/2 acres, while familiarly-named landowners L.W. Hall, M. Berry and F.W. Maxson owned large plots. Starting around 1910, a few streets began appearing, but with different names. Macbeth St. was then Stratford St., Cedarwood Terrace was Federal Street, Packard Street was named Bonner Place and Hall St. was then called Maxson St. Three large nurseries were also located in the neighborhood: Glenwood Nurseries, Graham Nursery Co. and Woodlawn Nurseries. By 1925, the NEMNU area had become primarily residential except for E. Main St. businesses.

Today, NEMNU’s mission is to maintain, improve, and enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood by addressing safety issues, providing social activities, communicating with residents and local government, promoting beautification projects, linking needs with resource opportunities, and developing cooperative efforts with businesses and neighborhood groups (

Additional Information

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