Rochester Public Library Video Contest

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Video 1:
Thomas Stewart and Libby

Video 2:
M.J. Schmitt Counts on the
Library for Talking Books

Video 3:
Ada MacKay: Library Extension Patron


Video 4:
Thadah Does Homework at
the Maplewood Branch

Video 5:
Taniya Likes Library Computers

Video 6: 
Reuben Josephe Tapp 

Video 7:
Sujata Gets Homework Help
at the Library
Video 8:
Punam Gets Schoolwork Done
at the Library
Video 9:
Paris Cook at the Maplewood
Branch Library
Video 10:
Ooumou Says There Are No
Bullies at the Library
Video 11:
Muhsee Comes to the Library Almost Every Day
Video 12:
Moses at the Maplewood Library
Video 13: 
Moreaya and Yurenah Like
Video 14:
Khadidia Loves New Words!
Video 15:
Kushal Meets His Friends at
the Library
Video 16:
Jordan Murphy Gets Tutored
at the Library
Video 17:
Cacaho Says the Library is Fun!

Video 18:
Anissa Kinsey Brings Her
Son to Maplewood
Video 19:
Aliou Mbodji Loves the
Maplewood Branch
Video 20:
T’kaiyah Learns Math at the
Video 21:
Gwen Spence: The Library is
Video 22:
Carol Andrews: Loves
Learning New Things
Video 23:
Carlton Beckford: A Fun Place!
Video 24:
Troy Williams: The Library
Treats Me Like Family
Video 25:
Bobby Wilcox: The Library is
a World of Information
Video 26:
Tiara Loves Mystery Books!
Video 27:
Glen Brady Loves the Dewey
Decimal System!
Video 28:
Myah Gonzalez
Video 29:
Alisabeth’s Book Report on Spiderman
Video 30:
Aimee Custodio
Video 31:
Zachary Gilbert-Mahoney
Gets Tutored at Winton
Video 32:
Patricia Lange
Video 33:
Margaret Horvath
Video 34:
Besty Vipperman
Video 35:
Johnathan Jones Loves
Teen Central
Video 36:
Gem Yong Pugh

Video 37:
Christina Burnett - Why the Library ROCKS!

Video 38:
Tina Yee - Tina Ada Library Story

Video 39:
Dorothy Paige - Rochester Public Library 100 Years

Video 40:
Clyde Austin – clyde 002
Video 41:
Susan Has Been Coming to Winton Branch for 26 Years
Video 42:
Ruth Tutors at the Winton Branch Library
Video 43:
Olivia Enjoys the Winton Branch Library

Video 44:
Harod Riley Stops by the Winton Branch

Video 45:
Greg Says the Library Has Never Let Him Down

Video 46:
Daniel Says the Winton Branch is a Great Resource 

Video 47:
Charlie Bought His House with Libraries in Mind

Video 48:
Carol Loves Rochester's Branch Libraries
Video 49:
Mattufeika Counts On the Wheatley Branch Library Staff
Video 50:
Malcolm Haynes Likes Graphic Novels and Comics
Video 51:
Celia Thinks the Library is Fun!
Video 52:
Kenneth Tells His Story
Video 53:
Cynthia is Studying Ministry at the Wheatley Branch
Video 54:
Brianna Loves Books and Computers
Video 55:
Athena Loves to Read Books!
Video 56:
Carlina Thinks of the Library as a Second University
Video 57:
Anthony Tells His Story
Video 58:
The Library is Important to Abdirashid's Education
Video 59:
Octavius & Jayden Check Out Books and Movies!
Video 60:
Victor Washington Visits the Maplewood Branch
Video 61:
Patrick Peek is a Movie Lover
Video 62:
Maria Rivera and Son Michael Love the Maplewood Branch
Video 63:
Nothing Better Than Spending Time in a Library
Video 64:
Shaun Freeman Visits the Lincoln Branch Often
Video 65:
Teriq Johnson Says the Lincoln Branch is Pure Fun!
Video 66:
Jasmine Makes Visiting the Lincoln Branch a Family Affair
Video 67:
Jeremysha Visits the Library For Many Different Reasons
Video 68:
Jose Likes Reading Books at the Lincoln Branch
Video 69:
Jayden Says Lincoln Branch is Pure Awesomeness
Video 70:
Destiny Likes to Play at the Lincoln Branch
Video 71:
Keysi Visits the Lincoln Branch Often (Spanish)
Video 72:
Janet Spends a Lot of Time at the Lincoln Branch (Spanish)
Video 73:
Daequan Loves Books, Computers and Toys at the Lincoln Branch Library
Video 74:
Zenaida Mothana: My Favorite Thing is the Toy Resource Center at the Lincoln Branch
Video 75:
Yanello Family at Winton Library
Video 76:
Finstad Family at Winton Library
Video 77:
Tyrone Henry Meets Friends at the Sully Branch Library
Video 78:
Tellie Harper Brings the Whole Family to Arnett Branch Library


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