Be an H2O Hero

LarryStorm drains lead directly to nearby water bodies, so keeping lawn and yard care by-products and pool, fountain and spa discharges out of storm drains will reduce the amount of pollutants entering our local waters. As you perform your household chores, following the guidance below will help improve and protect our local water quality and make you an H2O Hero!

Lawn and Yard Care

  • Mulch your leaves to the extent possible. Mulching returns nutrients to the soil and saves the time and work needed to rake and dispose of leaves.
  • Sweep up lawnmower clippings from your driveway and adjacent roadway to prevent them from entering storm drains.
  • Never dispose of yard waste in a storm drain, and keeping storm drains clear of leaves and debris will help reduce localized flooding during rainfalls.
  • NYS Law requires that fertilizer landing on impervious surfaces, such as driveways, roadways and sidewalks, be immediately cleaned up and applied to the lawn or containerized.
  • NYS Law prohibits the application of fertilizer on lawns between December 1 and April 1.

Winterizing Pools, Fountains and Spas

  • Wait for chlorine levels to be close to zero.
  • Drain slowly to the lawn or other landscaped area of your property using a low volume pump or siphon. Do not drain down a driveway or to a storm sewer, stream, pond, or other natural water body.
  • Add winter treatment chemicals after draining. This reduces the amount of chemicals needed and saves money. Mix the chemicals in your pool by using a skimmer pole and brush attachment, or similar method.

Household Hazardous Waste

Dispose of old or unwanted fertilizers, pesticides, pool chemicals and other household hazardous waste properly, such as at Monroe County’s ecopark.

Call (585) 753-7600 (Option 3), or go to to schedule a drop-off appointment.

Be an H2O Hero and remember, Only Rain Down The Drain!

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