Glen Avenue Site Improvements in Mount Hope Cemetery

Project Description

This project seeks to redevelop Glen Avenue, a decommissioned road in Mount Hope Cemetery, for new interments within the context of the cultural landscape. The project will accomplish the redesign of the site for cemetery purposes, including preserving and enhancing scenic value and actively engaging cemetery neighbors and advocates in the process.Although the cemetery is intensively developed, it does accommodate new burials

Mount Hope Cemetery is an active municipal cemetery which is historically significant as the first municipal Victorian Cemetery in the nation. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing property in the Mount Hope Highland Historic District since 1974. It is famed as a treasure trove of national and local history, containing the graves of Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass and other historic luminaries. In addition it’s highly valued as a scenic landscape, distinguished by the strong character of its varied topography and mature trees, along with its cultural features.  

Site Description

Glen Avenue is located between Cedar Street and Grove Avenue (see location plan and survey).  It’s not shown on the original plan of the cemetery, and was likely to have been  constructed , along with an underground storm sewer, as a service road. The sewer line has been replaced in kind, but the roadway has been only temporarily stabilized with riprap, rather than repaved. One end,  adjacent to Grove Avenue,  has been subdivided and sold for the construction of a private mausoleum.   The drive cuts through the hill, progressing from a gradual slope on the uphill side, to a steep  deeply cut section with retaining walls on the downhill side. The intent is to redesign the former  drive and the adjacent landscape,  from the rear of the private mausoleum parcel to the downhill street edge, so as to create new interment opportunities, a more graceful landform with pedestrian circulation and enhanced scenic character. 


Mount Hope Cemetery Cultural Landscape Report, Tree Inventory & Management Plan 2009 

Proposed Schedule

Bid Opening   January 2015 
Construction        Spring 2015


If you would like more information on this project, please contact the City's project manager, Mr. Robin Schutte, at (585) 428-6959, or email him.