Riverside Cemetery Expansion & Site Improvements

Project Description

The City is currently in the construction phase of expanding the current cemetery operations east of the Veterans section (Section S) and into the lower undeveloped portion of the cemetery near the wetlands just above the Genesee River bank. A new stormwater drainage system will be installed to properly drain Willow Pond during rain events to keep it from its current flooded state.

Cemetery Background Information

Riverside Cemetery is located at 2650 Lake Ave in the City of Rochester. It is bordered on the east by the Genesee River, on the south by Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, and on the north by City owned and maintained parkland. The total site consists of approximately 95.5 acres.

Almost 80% of the property is sparsely wooded with mature trees, open lawn areas, and roads encompassing the current burial area. The majority of the remaining area is comprised of heavily wooded areas along the river, with open lawn areas adjacent to the eastern edge of the existing burial sites.

The entire cemetery is located in the Lower Genesee Basin. The topographic high point of the cemetery is located along Lake Avenue; the cemetery generally drains easterly toward the river. In the developed sections of the cemetery, an existing network of drain inlets, storm sewers, swales, drain the site to an existing pond (Willow Pond), down to the expansion area east of the Veterans section (Section S), and eventually to the Genesee River.

Many of the existing storm sewers are blocked, or have been crushed, creating drainage problems including flooding and saturated soils. Repair or replacement of the existing roads or utilities will take into account that, in some areas, they are located within 5’ of burial sites.


Public Participation

A public meeting was held on Thursday March 27, 2014 at Riverside Cemetery, Chapel of Peace Mausoleum, 2650 Lake Ave, Rochester, NY 14612.


If you would like more information on this project, please contact Andy Wojewodzic, Construction Project Manager at (585) 428-6523 or email him.