Hincher Group Street Improvement Project

About the Project

The Hincher Group Street Improvement Project consists of the full reconstruction of the following streets:


  • Corrigan St (Estes St to Lake Ave)
  • Hincher St (West End to Lake Ave)
  • Fleming St (Ruggles St to Lake Ave)
  • Ruggles St (Fleming St to Lakeland Ave)
  • Lakeland Ave (Ruggles St to East End)
Included with the full reconstruction of the streets listed above, a new concrete sidewalk will be installed on the east side of Estes St where currently there is no sidewalk.


The project as a whole is nearly ½ mile in length and will include the following improvements:

  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • New granite curbing with underdrain system
  • New roadway sub-base and asphalt pavement
  • New driveway aprons
  • Removal of driveway aprons to vacant properties and illegal parking areas
  • New catch basins
  • New concrete sidewalks to replace existing as needed
  • Street lighting system improvements
  • Right-of-way takings and permanent easements


Stormwater Discharge & Quality Requirements

In addition, this project requires stormwater quality features. Some stormwater quality features include dry swales, pervious concrete, rain gardens, porous asphalt, etc. These features, when designed and constructed properly, are determined by the NYSDEC to “clean” rainwater runoff from areas of new impervious surface (i.e. new asphalt and sidewalk areas) prior to draining into the existing storm sewer mains and eventually to our surrounding waters. This is a requirement of Section 402 of the Clean Water Act (CWA) as identified in the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation SPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharge from Construction Activity, Permit No. GP-0-15-002. SPDES is the acronym for State Pollution Discharge Elimination System.

There are select few areas in the City that require this type of treatment as many other areas in the City are on combined sewers (storm and sanitary sewer discharge are combined together in one sewer pipe underground) and treatment of the discharge go directly to a sewer treatment plant therefore negating the need to treat rainwater on site.

When more than an acre of soil disturbance is to occur on a construction site within a separate sewer area, onsite stormwater treatment is required. The Hincher Group project fell within the threshold requiring a change order to comply with SPDES General Permit GP-0-15-002. Stantec Consulting Services performed the required Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) evaluation and design of the stormwater treatment facilities that meet the NYSDEC SPDES Permit GP-0-15-002.

Revisions to the construction plans were made to include the new stormwater treatment facilities listed below:

  • Pervious concrete sidewalks on Hincher (west of Estes) and Estes (between Fleming and Hincher)
  • One Dry Swale on Hincher (north side, west of Estes)
  • One Dry Swale on Estes (east side, between Fleming and Hincher)
  • Two Dry Swales in Estes right of way (south of Fleming) 

Project Documents

Construction Documents – including Change Order Plan Revisions

Stormwater Regulation Documents 

Preliminary Design Public Meeting Display – (displayed at the December 10, 2013 meeting)

Opportunities for Community Participation 

Project Schedule

Final Design Plans  Summer 2015
Advertise/Bid Summer 2015
Street Construction  Fall 2015
Construction Completion  Summer 2016


If you have questions or comments, contact City Street Design Project Manager, Ms. Lisa Reyes at (585)-428-6354 or email her, or City Construction Project Manager, Mr. Wayne Williams at (585) 428-6535 or email him.