News Release - Mayor Lovely A. Warren Announces Funding for New Bicycle Track Connecting College Town with Neighborhood

City of Rochester

News Release

(Friday, January 17, 2014) – Mayor Lovely A. Warren announced today that the City of Rochester is being awarded $1 million in federal funds for the College Town Cycle Track project, a two-way bike path that will run along Elmwood Avenue and connect the Genesee River Trail and the University of Rochester’s River Campus with the Medical Center, Mt. Hope Avenue and the 14-acre College Town shopping and mixed-use site now under construction.

Last fall, Senator Charles E. Schumer urged the New York State Department of Transportation to provide the funding to the City as part of its Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP). Earlier this week, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that Rochester was selected as one of 63 projects across the state to receive the funding. The TEP utilized a competitive solicitation process based on criteria that included environmental enhancement to the transportation system; connectivity to an existing system; encouragement of smart growth; impact on local economy; availability of matching funds and community support.

“I’d like to thank Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer for their continued support and advocacy for Rochester,” said Mayor Warren. “The College Town Cycle Track will allow for easy and safe access to the businesses and services at the site. Governor Cuomo’s commitment to investing in bicycle and pedestrian safety efforts aligns perfectly with our dedication to improving our livability by making Rochester a world-class bicycling community and enhancing our streetscapes. Jobs at the construction site will be created along the way and with the trail’s completion—businesses will benefit as more customers will have access to College Town.”

Specifically, the TEP funds will cover 80 percent of the cost of the $1.5 million project. The grant will be leveraged by a private sector investment estimated at $250,000 by the College Town developers and the City will provide a $250,000 match.

Construction on the College Town Cycle Track is scheduled to begin in 2015.


News Media: For more information, contact City Engineer James McIntosh at 428-6828.