Fire Safety Tip - Fire Prevention for Boat Owners

Fire Prevention for Boat Owners

We can protect our marine investments if boat and marina owners work together for fire prevention. Most boat owners and marina managers don’t start thinking about fire prevention until after news stories have aired video footage of boats on fire and interviews with distraught owners.   

It makes more sense to consider preventing fires before they start. 

Most marina fires originate from an individual boat, so boat owners must take some responsibility for preventing fires at the source. Here’s a short list of fire prevention tips to get you thinking about boater fire safety: 

  • The most common causes of boat fires are electrical malfunctions, unattended portable heaters, and poor housekeeping.  
  • Use marine-approved, Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL)-approved electrical cords and connections.  
  • Make it a habit to inspect your electrical cords. Worn or overloaded electrical cords and shore power connectors are a common cause of boat and marina fires. 
  •  Don’t leave portable electric heaters running and unattended on your boat. 
  • Make sure you have a working smoke detector on your boat. 
  • Have a United States Coast Guard-approved fire extinguisher onboard and know how to use it. Fire extinguishers should be mounted near an exit so you have a way out if you cannot control the fire. 
  • Do your part to keep the dock clean and clear. Don’t leave engine parts, tools, and equipment on the dock. 
  • When choosing a marina, check around for fire protection measures like fire extinguishers, good housekeeping, clear dock passageways, good lighting, and security. If you don’t feel safe, take your boat and your business elsewhere. 
  • If you see a fire hazard or have concerns about the well-being of your boat or marina, share them with marina management. 


Fire Safety