Neighborhood Garden Tours


Discover a Garden Oasis in Your Neighborhood.

There are so many amazing gardening efforts taking place in the city of Rochester. Dedicated community groups, neighbors and organizations give of their time and energy to help Rochester bloom! The Neighborhood Garden Tours series will provide an opportunity for community members to explore gardens in neighborhoods across the city, learn about gardening projects and meet fellow neighbors and gardeners.

Each of the Neighborhood Garden Tours highlights gardens in a different quadrant of the City.  The gardens listed under each quadrant will be open for visitors on select dates/times.  The tour is open format, meaning that there is no formal tour guide or tour 'flow'.  Map a route that includes all the gardens in a quadrant, or visit a few of the garden projects that interest you the most!  Volunteers from each garden will be on site to greet visitors, show them around the garden, and answer questions about the garden.    

Southeast Rochester

Calvary St. Andrew's Presbyterian Parish
We operate a 33 year old emergency food cupboard, a 3 year old Tuesday morning Foodlink Mobile Pantry and the 3 year old Alison Clarke Community 18 bed vegetable garden.  One-half of the garden vegetables will be donated to the clients who manage the garden and the rest will be donated to the food cupboard.  Annually, all programs serve almost 8,000 household visits with over 22,000 people.
Address: 68 Ashland St. (Gardens near Ashland and Hickory St.)

Garden of E.D.E.N. (Every Day Eating Naturally)
The Garden of E.D.E.N. was started three years ago as a cooperative effort between St. Mark's & St. John's and Foodlink. The garden houses 15 raised beds where we grow a variety of vegetables. The purpose of the garden is to bring fresh nutritious food into the neighborhood.
Address: 1245 Culver Rd (St Mark's & St John's Episcopal Church)

Honor Park Gardens
Honor Park, located on the south-east corner of South Goodman and Linden Streets, was on the city map by 1918. It is the smallest Rochester city park, dedicated to the memory of all veterans.  In 2012, the south leg of Linden Street was closed next to the park, doubling the size of the garden space.  The gardens are populated by perennial donations, city provided annuals, and stone pathways donated by the VFW post 307.  Visit the garden and its facebook page:
ADDRESS: Intersection of Linden Street and South Goodman Street

Neighbors Gardening Together
Rochester Neighbors Gardening Together is supported by Immanuel Baptist Church and Parsells Community Church, along with a number of other groups such as The Coalition for the Beloved Community. The project began with a garden at Denver & Parsells in 2012 and expanded to 2 additional lots in 2013. The gardens are all located in the Beechwood neighborhood, are all on city lots, and are tended with help from neighbors, particularly youth. Weekly open house gardening times are held at Garson & Chamberlain on Monday evenings from 5p to dark and Thursday evening at Denver & Parsells from 5:30p to dark. We grow both flowers, specifically put along the street frontage, and vegetables. The gardens are open-harvest community gardens. Anyone is welcome to harvest what they need.
Address:  Denver St. & Parsells Ave. and Garson St. & Chamberlain St.

South Wedge Victory Garden
Supporting over 35 families, the South Wedge Victory Garden provides an opportunity for neighborhood residents to grow their own fresh vegetables. This helps save money, encourages healthy eating, and fosters a sense of community among its gardeners
ADDRESS: 122 Hamilton Street and 162 Cypress Street

Linear Garden
The N. Winton Village Gardening Committee has worked for over 20 years to create the wonderful green space at Linear Garden.  The garden has been created in collaboration with the City of Rochester, RCSD, Morse Lumber, the Boy Scouts, Wegmans, Tops, and neighbors and friends that have donated their time, passion, and resources to this wonderful project. Sponsors: Center for Youth, Petco, Rochester Design Center, United Way, and Chase Bank.  The garden boasts beautiful flowers, an artful arch, seating areas, herbs and vegetables.  The herbs and vegetables that are growing in raised beds in the garden –including cilantro, parsley, dill, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary and mint—are for use by local neighbors and businesses.
Please came and enjoy this wonderful green space in the City of Rochester’s SE Quadrant!
Address: 2299 E. Main Street

Wide Water Gardens
In 2009, the Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association (UMNA) petitioned the City of Rochester to purchase approximately one acre of New York State DOT land along I-490. It was the wish of the neighborhood to transform the problematic property into a large scale community garden in order to reactivate the parcel in a positive way.
With help from the City, Third Rochester Enterprises Corporation and New Life Presbyterian Church, UMNA broke ground on Wide Water Community Gardens in April 2010.  Neighbors volunteered in droves to help build this new asset.  Within a month, the grounds were prepared and 22 garden beds were installed.  All beds were rented and filled within one week. Currently, Wide Water Community Gardens is the largest and most heavily used community garden in the City of Rochester.  It consists of 60rentable plots and hosts a variety of beautiful, public food-producing and ornamental gardens.
Address: End of Rosedale Street (off Monroe Avenue)

Morrison Park Garden
James Morrison Park is a small triangular shaped park located on the corner of Culver Road and Harvard Street.  The ABC Streets Neighborhood Association has partnered with the City Parks Department to redesign the park.  Our goal is to create a garden that both enhances the classic aesthetics of the neighborhood and minimizes the maintenance costs currently associated with the ongoing care of the park.  Zaretsky and Associates has donated a beautiful design that incorporates our ideas.  Find out more about the garden here: 
Address: Corner of Culver Road & Harvard Street

Ellwanger and Barry Park
Ellwanger & Barry Park is an example of a neighborhood working toward "Placemaking" –which is defined as a process to make an urban space special by considering the quality of life of its residents. This is a park with a playground at its center. The park was renamed in 2009, a sculpture and gardens were added in 2010, rustic planters in 2011 and a three sided Kiosk in 2013.   In 2012, the 350 foot colorful BoulevART street painting was created by over 150 neighbors and this work of art surrounds the park on two sides. On June 8, 2014, the Highland Park neighborhood worked together to "refresh" its BoulevART project with new paint.
For more on this park's history see "" and the topic "Center of a Neighborhood: A Visual History of Ellwanger & Barry Park".
Address: Corner of Meigs Street and Linden Street 


North East Rochester

School #50 Green Thumb Garden
This garden, which boasts an array of flowers and edible crops, is maintained by the Green Thumb Garden Club at School #50. 
Address:  301 Seneca Avenue

St. Paul Pocket Park
This garden, located across from the Seneca Park Zoo, is an entire block of trees, lawns, shrubs, flowers, and a butterfly garden.  The garden offers a beautiful, shaded oasis for folks hiking or biking along the El Camino Trail-- which meanders through the garden.  St. Paul Pocket Park is lovingly maintained by a group of neighborhood volunteers.  
Address: St. Paul Street between Navarre Road and Collingwood Drive

Portland Avenue Peace Garden
This garden was started in May 2011 during Clean Sweep, when in one day six raised beds were installed and the whole property was covered in cardboard and wood chips to organically remove the grass surface. The first year produce included tomatoes, chard, peppers and many herbs. Subsequently ten more raised beds have been added, plus a large raised flower bed. The garden hosts school groups of all ages who have come to weed, plant and clean out the Peace Garden.
Address: 869 Portland Avenue (at Roycroft)

Sofrito Garden
Address: 227 N. Union Street (near the Rochester Public Market) 

The Victory Garden
This garden was installed in memory of Dee’ Mario Moore, a youth that was murdered in this vacant lot. Through residents’ vision and diligence the Victory Garden was created.
Address: 599 North Street

The Sunshine Garden
This garden was conceptualized by residents a year ago. With the help of artist, Allison Nichols, the fence was painted to complement the garden. Since it’s installation, residents have donated flowers from their own gardens and donated their time to add the finishing touches to the fence and rocks that adorn the garden.
Address: 1025 North Street

The Herald Garden
This is a resident driven vegetable garden. Families on Herald street take ownership of planters and plant seeds that through the growing season will yield vegetables. In the fall residents have a community dinner and prepare vegetables grown in the garden.
Address: 42 Herald Street 

South West Rochester

Ravenwood/Thurston Pocket Garden
The pocket garden/park at the Corner of Thurston Road and Ravenwood Avenue is community designed, built and maintained. The rectangular space is bordered by diverse plantings all around with a flowering crab apple tree in the center which is surrounded by a circular concrete bench into which have been laid mosaics representing neighborhood institutions such as the schools, YMCA, etc.
Address: Corner of Thurston Road and Ravenwood Avenue

Garden at Depew and Forbes
Addresss: 140 Depew Street

Seeds of Faith Garden/ Partners in Faith Farm Stand
The Seeds of Faith Garden is located at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. The garden consists of 10 raised beds planted in partnership with Foodlink and neighbors who enjoy gardening. Two of the beds are a project of the Kids Leadership Club- a partnership between the Metro Council for Teen Potential and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. The garden welcomes volunteers and members from the community!
Address: 350 Chili Avenue near the intersection with Thorndale Street

North West Rochester

Maplewood Gardening Team Gardens
established in the early 2000’s as a way to beautify the Maplewood neighborhood, The Maplewood Gardening Team maintains several gardens in Northwest Rochester.

These include: Dewey Avenue and Flower City Park corner garden; Electric Avenue Garden; the Gateway Garden at the re-aligned intersection of Driving Park and Dewey Avenue; Tree wells including the three tree wells at the corner of Dewey Avenue and West Ridge Road; and the medians at the corner of Lake Avenue and Driving Park.  The Flower City Garden is the Team’s main garden.  

Addresses/Locations: These gardens enhance the beauty a neighborhood that borders the Genesee River Gorge and is known for the Olmsted-designed Maplewood Park and majestic Maplewood Rose Garden.  The Maplewood Gardening Team continues to honor the tradition of Rochester’s history as the “Flower City” and the motto of the Maplewood Neighborhood: “Community is our Nature.”

Lexington Avenue Community Garden
A project of Foodlink, Inc., in partnership with Mary’s Place, the Lexington Ave Community Garden was established in 2011 as a garden for members of Rochester’s refugee communities. Its more than 70 raised and recycled-material beds now host 36 Nepalese families who grow everything from radishes and mustard greens to tomatoes and okra. In 2013, Foodlink built a 60-foot hoop house on the site where we incubate plants and grow heat-loving crops.
Address: Behind 607 Lexington Avenue (in the old subway bed)

Our Garden of Peace and Life
This garden was started in 1999 as a neighborhood enhancement project.  The garden has four flowering trees, many flowering bushes, including a white lilac, and a large variety of perennials, bulbs and annuals.  The garden was dedicated by Mayor Johnson and blessed by Rev Larry Murphy, who was one of our gardeners at that time.  Several years later grants were obtained to have a mural painted by local artist Rick Muto.  This mural, titled In the Garden, features important places in the Edgerton and Maplewood districts.  It also shows actual people that Rick encountered on his walk through the neighborhood, as well as the garden’s founder, Mary Kent, and some of the gardeners.  This mural was also dedicated by Mayor Johnson and blessed by Father Murphy.  We have a small crew of very dedicated workers who tend the garden throughout the growing season.  It is one of our great joys to be there.  We welcome visitors.
Address: Corner of Dewey Avenue and Lexington Avenue

Cameron Street Peace Garden
The Peace Garden is a unique vegetable garden that is sponsored by Foodlink.  The garden utilizes a combination of traditional and non-traditional containers to grow both vegetables and flowers.
Address: 20 Cameron Street

SANG Neighborhood Garden
Address: Corner of Planet Street and Parkedge Street

Green Visions Garden
Green Visions, a project of the Friends of the GardenAerial, is a workforce development program (and phytoremediation project) in the City of Rochester’s JOSANA neighborhood currently employing 16 resident city youth. Together with neighbors, we install and cultivate flourishing gardens of flowers on once-vacant and decaying lots. The flowers from these lots, once in bloom, are harvested, bouqueted and then sold at various locations across the city by the program participants over the entire summer and early fall. In addition to a daily wage, the profits from sales are split evenly between the program enrollees. Another major goal of the program is to remediate and improve the quality of the soil on our lots, through implementation of sustainable gardening techniques. 
Address: Whitney Street and Smith Street

Maureen's Memorial Garden:
For many years Maureen and her husband planted and maintained the six ‘Welcome to Charlotte’ signs.  When Maureen lost her battle with breast cancer, this garden was designed as a tribute to her love of gardening and the Charlotte Community.  The garden is on the Genesee River Walk and contains two Birch trees and a pink stone bench.
Address: Head north on Lake Avenue. Take the first right on to Petten Street, cross River Street and continue down the hill towards the river, turn left into the parking area.

The Bill Davis Overlook:
These beautiful gardens and container plantings overlooking the Genesee River are dedicated to local historian, Bill Davis.  Bill loved to share his knowledge by speaking and presenting pictures in schools meetings and as part of the Lighthouse.  To honor the neighborhood and Bill’s memory, the gardens include plaques depicting the History of Charlotte area.
Address: Drive north on Lake Avenue turn right on to Stutson Street. Take Stutson Street to the end.

Walkway Gardens in Ontario Beach Park.
These six gardens known were established when the Fast Ferry and Terminal Building were built.  The Walkway area includes six gardens and a memorial garden dedicated to U.S. Veterans.   The gardens were designed and are currently maintained by volunteers of the Charlotte Beautification Committee with assistance from the Monroe County Parks.
Address: Take Lake Ave. north to Coburg  Street turn right at the signal and left into the Ontario Beach parking lots.

Dentzel Carousel Garden
This garden was designed by Jane Wood who was the founder of the Charlotte Beautification Committee. It is located in front of the Dentzel Carousel and contains many of Jane's favorite flowers, including Lavender, Lilies and Roses.
Address:  Dentzel Carousel